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  1. I get the feeling this is a major task - beyond my capabilities. Thanks for all the responses. I've never had so many from a forum before.
  2. I don't play games so I can't say about that. Mouse and keyboard are fine. Problem is with opening all programs, applications, files, documents, Firefox, Outlook Express etc.
  3. As I mentioned in post 20, I've had these 3 security programs installed in my PC for several years without any problem with slow running before.
  4. I don't have this option - I've got to have Dropbox to communicate with other members of the group I belong to.
  5. Thanks for the suggestion. I downloaded the program but it needs a lot of study and application and I don't have the time for the long learning curve it obviously entails.
  6. This could possibly be the culprit. I installed Dropbox a month or two ago. How do I deal with it ? I need Dropbox for a group that I have joined.
  7. How do I paste or link a screen shot in a post? Which tab in Start up do you want a screenshot of?
  8. I thought CCleaner was supposed to sort out the Startup in Tools
  9. All processes seem to be bona fide. None using high amounts of CPU. % ram low in all instances.
  10. How do I know what to remove from the processes?
  11. I've had WinXP and the security products for years without slow running until recently
  12. That's the reason for my query - how do I find the source?
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