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  1. I get the feeling this is a major task - beyond my capabilities. Thanks for all the responses. I've never had so many from a forum before.
  2. I don't play games so I can't say about that. Mouse and keyboard are fine. Problem is with opening all programs, applications, files, documents, Firefox, Outlook Express etc.
  3. As I mentioned in post 20, I've had these 3 security programs installed in my PC for several years without any problem with slow running before.
  4. I don't have this option - I've got to have Dropbox to communicate with other members of the group I belong to.
  5. Thanks for the suggestion. I downloaded the program but it needs a lot of study and application and I don't have the time for the long learning curve it obviously entails.
  6. This could possibly be the culprit. I installed Dropbox a month or two ago. How do I deal with it ? I need Dropbox for a group that I have joined.
  7. How do I paste or link a screen shot in a post? Which tab in Start up do you want a screenshot of?
  8. I thought CCleaner was supposed to sort out the Startup in Tools
  9. All processes seem to be bona fide. None using high amounts of CPU. % ram low in all instances.
  10. How do I know what to remove from the processes?
  11. I've had WinXP and the security products for years without slow running until recently
  12. That's the reason for my query - how do I find the source?
  13. Tried that It's had time to clear. I've been advised that what one security package misses another picks up
  14. Running Super antispyware, Spybot search and destroy, Avast antivirus. Not better after defrag. Both boot time and running. 3 mins boot. Several mins opening docs, programs etc
  15. Thanks for your replies Latest CCleaner download - Win XP Prof 32 bit Both cleaner and registry. Every thing that was checked as default Did not check prefetch or anything in advanced or anything that was not checked in default Rebooted and defragmented
  16. I installed and ran CCleaner as my PC was running slow, but it is now running even slower. What have I done?
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