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  1. When I first logged in I thought I was in some other forum... A job well done! It's neat and clean and that's the way I like it. IMHO
  2. My word would be ...................transparency.................... Something our President and Liberals promised to us. It is so transparent I can't even see it!
  3. born2golf

    avast 5

    I am also running Avast 5.0 on my desktop sytem and have no complaints. Just remember it is a FREE Av program and you get what you paid for it.
  4. I have heard and read a lot of good things about Speccy (Beta). When will Speecy be ready to go live and step away from the Beta version.
  5. You are absolutely right and I appologize for my insult. I have a sick sense of humour.
  6. We know how smart flyingfish is!!!!
  7. We can close this thread out!
  8. I know I am older so give me a little elderly respect sonny! Ha ha. Get back to me on my new thread under Software SB? and we will take this slow and easy. Slow because of my age and easy because I said so!
  9. Dennis I am using IE8. You are probably going to shoot me but I'm the fool that asked a similar ? before. But this time I am sticking with you and SB. By the way, my name is also Dennis.
  10. I am using SB as default browser and have 2 questions for you: 1: Is there a box to check Not to delete name and password after using delete contents from SB? 2: check box for UAC? I am getting a little more comfortable with SB as I was making it too complicated in the beginning so I will probably be back again with more ? on SB Thanks in Advance, Dennis
  11. Dennis, which is my name also, I agree with your above statements. I was overcomplicating the program. As with anything new it takes time to figure out and find all the nicks and crannies in a program. I am feeling more at ease with Sandboxie as I use it as a default browser. I will update and have questions for you as time goes on. Thanks for being there during my trial and error time. Have a great week-end!
  12. Found the solution: Go into CCleaner/options/cookies/and there is where you highlight the ones you want to save and add it to the cookies to keep in the right column. I know this works as I have tested it.
  13. Where do you #5 uncheck all browser checks?
  14. If I log in and close out a site and go back later that day it DOES remember name and password. The deletion comes from when I run CCleaner v 2.29.1111 and even previous versions. I use CCleaner maybe once a week along with IE8 deleting browser history just before I do my weekly back-up. I can live with it but it is rather annoying to re-enter name and password to my favorite five tech forums.
  15. Yes. It is unchecked. It appears to be greyed out but still unchecked. CCleaner was free if that helps.
  16. All are checked except "Feeds" any other solutions would be appreciated!
  17. I am running IE8 and cannot find "Saved Form Information" anywhere! Please direct me as I have same problem deleting names and passwords on newest version 2.29.1111
  18. born2golf

    So Sad

    Actual cause of death was too much surfing and the viruses from the salt water.
  19. Dennis, I worked with Sandboxie for a couple of weeks and now understand it a bit more. I can see its value if you are surfing all over the place but I don't unless it I know the site is safe and if I wasn't sure then I would click on Sandboxie and begin to search. I was having a hard time when I would download a program(just to check it out) and up came a SB tag. So my question is how do I use both SB and IE8 together but keep SB sitting on the sidelines only to be used when I go searching. I use a program called WOT which tells me the site I am going to is safe or not with 3 colored coded circles. Green, yellow and red. I am sorry for wasting IDENT's time with my sarcarsm but I couldn't help myself. TIA !!!!!
  20. Nothing. Good answer. Just checking you out! Be surprised at some of the responses you get from some of these tech forums. Now why FF versuses IE8 and if I do this why not get rid of windows firewall and go free Zone Alarm?
  21. What do you recommend for IE 8? I know alot of techs don't like it but I haven't had many issues with them. Do I have to change mailing address ???????@msn.com if I switch to FF?
  22. Aside from all the cookie and donut jokes let's talk about Sandboxie. Today I ran SAS and picked up 11 adware tracking cookies which directed me to restart. I then went into Sandboxie and deleted all 11 threats most of them are listed above in page 5. My question is when I go to browse it ask me to log in again to all my favorites is this a normal proceedure? Is there a way in Sandboxie which will delete without having to sign in again? Is there a way to set up my computer or stop all the same daily threats?
  23. Please check your mail for the do-nuts. I sent you a baker's dozen last year. They can be microwaved and eaten immediately or used a hockey pucks in the Olympics! As far as your thread goes.....If you can dish it I can handle it but can you? ha ha I to am absence....................................minded
  24. And your point is? Or is this a sample of your humor! I would prefer old fashioned do-nuts so I could dunk them in my coffee!
  25. Great response as I am guilty of jumping in too quickly. I will take time to go thru the tutorial and get back if I need anymore help. Thanks again for all the assistance!
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