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  1. NONE, I don't use AV anymore. I used an AV for 10 years and NOT ONCE did it ever "protect" me from anything except a few false positives. It took 30 seconds of startup time on every bootup, and several minutes per system scan (not to mention CPU/RAM usage), so i killed it. :-D I use the hpHosts file, my yahoo mail has built-in Norton AV, i applied the SpywareBlaster protection, and i use the Windows firewall. I don't visit shady websites or install unknown programs so i don't see where the risk is. If i get paranoid i can do a free online AV scan every few months. Running realtime AV when all you do is routine email/research/chat is a bit like wearing a bulletproof vest to buy groceries and go to the library. Just my opinion-- an opinion that is usually ridiculed. It is what it is.
  2. i experienced the same thing. the solution for me was very simple: Yahoo! Mail users: If you are being repeatedly asked to enter your password when trying to sign in to your Yahoo! Mail account, then you might be using the incorrect URL/web address to access Yahoo! Mail. If you are using a desktop shortcut, bookmark, or browser Favorite to access the Yahoo! Mail sign-in page, or if you have Yahoo! Mail set as your home page, please make sure you are specifically going to http://mail.yahoo.com and not a different URL that contains any additional characters. You might need to reset your bookmark to the above-mentioned URL. You can also go to the Yahoo! home page and click the "Mail" link. This will take you to the correct sign-in page.
  3. keep life simple: download status bar ie view lite NO SQUINT!!! this is essential! ook video ook quick java smart bookmarks bar stop or reload button tiny menu yahoo mail notifier
  4. AVG antivirus hardly takes any system resources at all. Wow, what a surprise. Less than 10meg RAM and negligible CPU. So i'll keep it. I deleted AVG antispyware after trying it though... The real-time shield expires after 30 days and it is somewhat heavy on system resources. (close to 30MB ram). I don't really download pirated software or keygens/etc from sketchy websites anyway. And i don't do much P2P file-swapping either. Windows Defender uses hardly any resources, so i am keeping that. ANyway, i always prefer "free" over "demo". SuperAntiSpyware doesn't have real-time protection either... Also the harsh yellow/red in the logo screams at me. Very harsh on the eyes. I didnt even try SAS.
  5. This is my security setup: HOSTS file, Windows Defender, Comodo Firewall... i use Firefox only. I don't have an AV program... do i really need one?? I don't open up dumb email love letter "attachments"... I use only Yahoo webmail which scans all attachments with Norton AV anyway... I just don't see any risk of getting a virus, and i get the impression that a lot of folks are paranoid for no reason. So, do i really need an AV program on my personal laptop?? Thanks.
  6. There is a free software called HostsMan that can manage and update your hosts file fairly easily. Also, i would recommend eDexter to all who use a hosts file. http://www.accs-net.com/hosts/eDexter.html
  7. katar


    THank you professor for the scholarly and condescending reply. I had no idea i sounded so ignorant. And of course it is fair to criticize a product for a missing feature, even such a feature was omitted intentionally.
  8. katar


    One year later , i write the sequel to my other post http://forum.ccleaner.com/index.php?showto...1224&st=60# I still recommend ALL those great progs (except XP firewall which leaks). now i have just a couple more rec's: anybody who uses a HOSTS file needs also edexter http://www.accs-net.com/hosts/eDexter.html which replaces the "Page Not Found" with a little pink dot. This is common for ads in frames, iframes, or when a website stalls while looking for the Ad Server. Comodo Firewall and AntiVirus http://www.comodo.com/ this is the most attractive FREEWARE you'll find. there is no "professional version" so you get the best they have. The firewall is a mature product and rock solid. The Antivirus is technically in Beta though the final 2.0 version is supposed to be out 6 weeks ago. (it's overdue due to bug-fixing) I use CAVS v.1.1 and it works fine. I like Windows Defender. Note that XP firewall FAILS all leak tests!!!! SO don't use it!!!!!!! Rainlendar is now in v.2.0 and better than ever. Improved options menu. Miniaim.net is a terrific AIM client without bloat. It is under 100k , single exe file. Koolplaya.de is the best video player. under 200k, single exe file. Wordweb, uTorrent, Billy, Netmeter, Foxit, ClipX are still good. I still use all those and burnatonce too.
  9. katar

    Foxit Reader

    I have been using this program for several years now. The icon used to be a green TREE! Anyway, Foxit is great indeed, but the full-screen view has some bugs. Some docs appear very small, and all docs are obscured where my vertical taskbar is located.
  10. IMO it is no use going overboard with anti-spyware... too many antispyware programs will slow down the computer just as much as actual spyware. This is ironic but true, especially for realtime monitors. I use Windows Defender, CCleaner, Comodo Antvirus, and a HOSTS file. Very simple and (for my new laptop) light on resources.
  11. sure Wackget has resume capabilities... however, it does not SPLIT downloads into segments. (which i think is unnecessary anyway...) If there is an unfinished download in the download folder, and you start a download with the same filename, Wackget will resume where the first left off. It can be a problem if you download DIFFERENT files with the same filename... like a 1.jpg or whatever.
  12. You can also use the File menu: File, print preview.... Just thought i'd mention it; i've missed simple things like that before.
  13. As i recall, SoftPerfect doesn't permit rules by application, which to me is the only logical way to organize rules. (I'm not a "power user" aka nerd, ok? ) Why not use the windowsXP firewall built in windows? The main issue is that it reports searches to sa.com , but i can live with that actually. It passes the leak tests, so why go for a bulkier app? Netmeter is a lightweight freeware for monitoring bandwidth, so what am i missing by using XP firewall? thanks.
  14. katar


    I read this whole thread and i will only mention stuff no one else mentioned: AUDIO PLAYER Billy 1.04b http://sheepfriends.com/?page=billy global hotkeys, plays mp3 & ogg. fast & simple. grreat. VIDEO PLAYER Koolplaya http://www.koolplaya.de/ single .exe file of 160 kilobytes. (!!!!!) replaces WMP. plays DVD perfectly. plays Quicktime and/or Realvideo with the proper filters installed. uses less CPU than "WMP 6.4" or "WMP classic" or any other player. CLIPBOARD ClipX http://bluemars.org/clipx/ DICTIONARY/THESAURUS WordWeb http://www.wordweb.info/free/ SOME MORE: PowerMenu - transpency, always-on-top options for all windows. http://www.veridicus.com/ rjh extensions !!! renamer, file list, copy path, etc ... very neat-o.. well if you're a nerd, that is. http://www.rjhsoftware.com Cute PDF - to create PDF files from any program. http://www.cutepdf.com/Products/CutePDF/writer.asp FTP Wanderer (by Pablo Van Der Meer) http://www.pablosoftwaresolutions.com wackget - simple d/l manager. not the best, but sometimes less is more. http://millweed.com/projects/wackget miniaim - if you're not an AIM fanatic but you want it every once in awhile. (miranda is better, but this is truly barebones for only teh 1337) http://bama.ua.edu/~honey010/miniaim/ TextMe - by Peter Chapman... a simple little notes organizer http://www15.brinkster.com/pmchapman/oldsite/textme.html ClamWin - on-demand virus scanning http://clamwin.com WINDOWS XP FIREWALL (built-in, keep life simple!) I also recommend other softwares previously mentioned: AbiWord (much improved in newer versions!!), Startup Control (from www.mlin.net ), irfanview, netmeter, FOXIT, rainlendar....
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