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    I enjoy working with my computer, hunting,fishing,camping.most all sports.<br />I also am a KnifeMaKer. That's were I get my user name: ksknives
  1. Can anyone recommend some good FREE Anti-Spyware programs.? I don't want SpyBot Search & Destroy or AdAwareSE. I do have SUPERAntispyware which I really like but can anyone recommened any other good programs.?
  2. I tried to add a photo to my account profile but when I go to edit my account and add photo I get a message that reads you don't have administor rights to access. How do I add photo to account profile.?
  3. I'm looking for a good free Firewall that's compatable to Windows Home Edtion XP 2003 SP2 IE6. Can anyone help me with this.? The one's that I tried so far and were not compatable and had so many problems with that I had to remove them are as follows: ZoneAlarm and Agnitium OutPost Firewall. Can any one recommend a GOOD one.?
  4. [/b] I'm looking for some GOOD FREE Antisypware programs. Please exclude Ad-AwareSE/Spybot Search and Destroy/and Microsoft Beta antispyware from list. I hope someone has some good suggestions.
  5. The only way you can run CCleaner in the safe mode is if you use the SAFE MODE CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET.
  6. Thanks I did it. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. THANKS TO YOU.!!!!!!! KSKNIVES which will give you a good idea of the basics. http://www.webmasternow.com/copyandpaste.html http://members.aol.com/jaynecg/private/copy.html
  7. I would like to know if any one can instuct me as to how to Cut>Paste.? My Operating System is Windows Home Edtion SP2. ksknives
  8. Once you remove Norton from your computer go to and click on start and then click on Search Option and type in Norton. This will bring up all of Norton's files. Click on each one seperatly and delete. Then click on to your recyle bin and empty contents. Then do the same as above but type in symantic. Symantic is a part of Norton as you probably already know. Finally go to My computer in the start up tab, Right click, open, click on C:Hard Drive and open and then right click on Program Files and delete Noton and Symantic files if thet still exist. I don't have a suggestion for a good free firewall but I highly recommend a free Antivrus Program. Type in the address bar: Bitdefender 8 Free Edtion and install you will be glad you did. KSKNIVES
  9. Go to your Add/Remove Control panel and Remove Yahoo Toolbar.. If you want the Yahoo Toolbar back on your computer just go to the Yahoo.com web site and reinstall it. KSKNIVES
  10. ksknives

    My security

    Try Bitdefender 9 Standard Antivirus it's rated the # 1 Antivirus program and it's only $29.95 to purchase. It has a 30 trial. They also have a online scanner you can try: Bitdefender online Antivirus scanner. Give the online scanner a try and you won't believe the Virues and Spyware you have. I have it and I can personally tell it trully is #1. Another program I have and wouldn't do with out is SpySweeper Antispyware. If your interested in looking at SpySweeper go to Webroot.com. Give it a try and let me know how it turns out. ksknives
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