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  1. I am truly baffled! Firefox has been my rock for some time now, but after trying FF3 I'm as wary as I ever was with IE. I'm a bit late on the uptake, but I installed FF3 on my work mc today - instantly disappointed cos it reported 80% of my extensions failed to work Anyway, I thought maybe it'll take a while for the developers to update them - the main concern was my fav - IETab didn't work (no updates avail. etc.) - a lot of my work sites need IE to work properly, so I thought - bin it - re-install FF2; did so and it all crashed ...! Again, and again - only FF safe mode worked ... Som
  2. bit slow on the uptake but, .... their web-site goes boogaloo with firefox (bit of an exaggeration, but...) Is it worth getting ?
  3. FYI - the PerfLib files are Windows performance files (and can - i'm sure - be safely removed) - see http://www.microsoft.com/technet/prodtechn....mspx?mfr=true#
  4. My tupence worth, and not wanting to sound too paranoid ... Even after using some of the generic software 'erasing' software, I would be concerned about passing on hard-drives (especially in this kind of work) Although I'm sure your daughter trusts her friend, what about after? If her friend passes it on to another friend (or it gets stolen...) and so on. I know a lot of cynics will say 'so what', but I am sure that your daughter has worked with computer forensics guys who could tell her a tale or two about so-called 'unrecoverable' information..! I would, in your position (and given
  5. The reason you may like to keep the files in the temp folder for a certain amount of time is primarily if you are installing software. Many installers need you to restart Windows constantly - if you have set CCleaner to run at restart, the temp files that the installer needed will now be erased if not set to 48 hours. I agree with pp999 that we should be able to configure this option as I would like to run CCleaner at startup, but with this option off I run the risk of corrupting installs etc., whereas if we could say 1 hour before deleted, any installs should have safely completed.
  6. Hey Hairbautt, You can add the option to open defraggler (or any .exe) to the context menu (right-clicking the HD icon) by doing the following; (admittedly it only opens Defraggler, and does not defrag the specified drive, but it works-ish) BTW - I've purposely been blunt in the info below, because if you are not familiar with the registry - DO NOT GO NEAR IT (EVER) !!! 1. Navigate to HKCR\Folder\shell 2. Add key 'Defraggler' (or whatever name u want), and add sub-key to this key called 'command' (has to be 'command') 3. Set the (Default) entry and enter the full path to Defraggler (
  7. If it hasn't finished by now, take a well deserved weekend break away Actually, it also depends on your machine spec - I used to have an 'older' machine with only a 180Gig internal drive and it took (on average) 15 hours to complete (not even sure if that was a deep scan or not). That said, I have a modern machine with a 320Gig external drive - still takes the guts of 8 hours to complete (that said I normally set it scanning last thing at night and it 'usually' has completed by the time I head out to work, so it may be quicker)
  8. I fourth that Actually in Vista the same is (apparently) present, though seemingly invisible. Turn it off with 'Organize | Folder and Search Options | View tab' and check the 'Always show icons, never thumbnails' - ask me no more; I'm using Vista under duress
  9. As a lot of you already know, MS Vista has come with some (I think) dubious extra security protocols. One of which is the constant, and somewhat irritating 'confirmation' of almost everything you click. Even though you may be the only user of the computer (and then by defacto you should be an Admistrator) you are actually not an Administrator ! (good ol' MS) To get round this (I know you can disable the UAC etc., but MS being MS you will never be in control - and many apps will not work correctly unless u are a 'real'l administrator) do the following; - open a command prompt -
  10. Yea, true .. so we can wipe-out any possible life on Mars too
  11. Over the years there has been many discussions about deleting index.dat files In my experience there has been NO software applications that can truely delete / zero-fill / erase these files whilst Windows has a lock on them. Programs like Tracks Eraser and such like do not actually zero-fill the index.dat - they trick the system into thinking a zero-filled file exists, which Windows will overwrite when restarted; effectively doing the same as CCleaner (and others do) at restart. As far as I know, unless it belongs to Windows and ordered by Windows these files cannot and will not be to
  12. I don't know how CCleaner determines a files to be older than 48 hours, but I do know that even opening a file in Windows will change it's 'Last accessed date', but not it's created date - so I'm guessing if you opened a file (that was created many years ago) that somehow will then end up in the temp folder with an accessed date of today, this may not be deleted. If this is the case, then I would definately suggest that CC should look at the created date - although, having used CC for, oh, many decades I would have thought this would have been noticed / rectified before now.
  13. Looks like some sort of dictionary utility has gone mad
  14. burtman


    I've noticed this behaviour also (although I'm now using a new Vista machine - haven't used my XP machine for a while) - even if I manually added the prefetch folder into winapp2.ini it still did not work. I had to manually delete the files (perhaps CC is treating it like the 'temp' folder & only files older than 48 hours, but in that case why report it) I'm not sure if you are correct in saying that Windows will delete the files itself - these files are used to help Windows boot faster, so I don't see it willingly delete them (I could be wrong) when it may need them later. BTW deleti
  15. With regards to updates, has anyone experienced the 'Check for updates' link in CCleaner not doing anything when using Vista? With my little experience of Vista so far, I may not be too far from the truth when I think that it nay have something to do with Vista's over paranoid 'dont do anything unless you let me' mentality, but I only get a warning / confirmation on opening CC - however, it does nothing when I click the link, and I have to manually check the web-site (which I may add is only a couple-of clicks to do) each week or so ... Anyone ever experienced this? (if the answer is o
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