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  1. Hi All, I'd like to know the best software I can use to remove duplicate files on my system. Many a time I download zip files and other compressed formats and torrents and also the ones that I purchase online. I have not been cleaning my system but I have been using Ccleaner. You can find that I have a folder in c:\downloads named cleaner and again in D:\ with the same software.
  2. Is this applicable to specific files say within a slave drive F:\pic\newsletter?
  3. Hi, I would like to know which is the best software that I can use to recover Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) Errors on the HardDrive as opposed to Removable media and CDs?
  4. I just "downloaded" the 4GB RAM. do you have a 8 GB one coz its supoorted in mine notebook ? Y mislead a newbie here thats wrong on you
  5. Hi. where do you get this amazing and cute theme or skins. I would like to install some that are spyware free. what do you recommend?
  6. Hi DennisD, What skin or theme are you using? I like it! especially that desktop toolbar. Can I have it. My OS is Vista.
  7. That's cool Lulu. What do you feed him on? Never seen a Turtle before. Here in Kenya I live near a Game Park. Occasionally, Deers and Waterbucks run to hide in our backyard for fear of predators like Lions, Leopards and Hunting Dogs. Its illegal to keep one here till you get a license which is also a nightmare to get. Just before harvest time (when we harvest sweet and Irish potatoes and ground nuts) we have to deal with the menace of Baboon which often attack our farms and feast to their satisfaction. To say the Truth, I usually enjoy the chase to the dismay of my Dad. But tell me what would you do to a baby antelope barely a week old and limping, too tired to run any further that Has just jumped into your shed panting? They are so cute!! You won't fail to fall in luv with them. Copper Brown smooth and shiny back, long slender legs. Jittery at first but they soon realize you are not the predator. The best thing you can do for them is to keep away your backing dog!
  8. formfrank84


    I think its easier in Vista coz as someone say, ti has been integrated into the start menu. Nevertheless, not all search are successful. This is because either Vista Indexing service is not running or you are trying to search some registry files or sensitive windows files that by default have been put not to appear in the Vista search engine. one of the best Desktop Search is Google desktop Its just 2MB and very powerful. An alternative is ava find . In facts ava find is more powerful than Google Desktop. What makes Google Desktop Likable is its ability to be integrated right at the Desktop dockable Either a sidebar, in the tray or just floating. You can perform also online search and add Widgets to it such as Clock WIdget, News RSS Feeds and more! Try either of them out and you will not be disappointed. All are free! NB: Wait for them to Index your system for say 30 minutes if you have alot of files for a faster search
  9. Basically working with your laptop in your lap would not cause the laptop to heat except if the fans are at the bottom then it will also heat up while just on a table. So heating up is not caused by your laps. High end applications and softwares and the number of processor cycles and processes causes the machine to generate heat which if the vents are blocked you might feel warm or even hot on your laps as your machine absorbs the heat. Continual absorption of this heat causes the machine to slow down and then eventually shuts down when the shutdown threshold temperature is reached. Laps don't cause laptops to heat.
  10. That's good! My anti virus Kaspersky for Windows Workstation has anti-phishing enabled and am using Mozilla Firefox 3.5.2. Is this fine ? am in the process of applying openDNS. Thanks Moderator
  11. 1. I recently bought a HP Compaq 6730s containing 1GB RAM with no graphic card. It came installed with Vista Basic. I have memory eating games like Call on duty, Fifa 09 and Project IGI. The RAM memory available here are all 4GB as demand has been quite high for the 1 and 2GBs. I don't want to do away with the 1 GB I have. Is there a way I can make my notebook read all 5GB that is if I decide to buy the 4GB RAM?? 2. There are Nvidia, ATI and Intel graphic cards out there. Which one is the best for HP Compaq 6730. There website have not recommended any.
  12. Linux and Windows have been competing for a bigger market share ever since and on checking on volume outlet stores such as Walmart and Bestbuy you realize that Windows have a bigger share from the way the retailers are merchandising. Mainstream consumers are known to use Windows alot whereas geeks and industry users prefer Linux especially on the server end. I would therefore like to know your views on Security between the two OS. Why do Clients prefer Windows to Linux? Is it secure than Linux? and Why do Industry users prefer Servers running on Linux?
  13. I have been reading Spyware posts on many a blog sites. I Have been using Kaspersky antivirus and its quite fine. bot whenever I choose strict setting when an surfing it blocks even some genuine sites that I know of. I understand some sites are a clone out there and may be used to get your details if you don't take care. How can I differentiate a genuine site from a clone and they all look the same and connect securely?? Moved to Windows Security as Spyware Hell is not really for questions ~ moderator
  14. Is that the way you laugh? I like this quote.
  15. Is this guy real? Previous in 100m he ran 9:58. Now 19:19 for 200m Check this : if you divide 19:19 seconds you get 9:595 which means he just added 0.15 secs in his 200m run. I love this guy.Wish I were in Berlin to see
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