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  1. Thanks much for the help now i dont need new comp
  2. hey all, i have been trying to find the best browser for along tine, i HATE IE. i used Fire Fox for a bit but wasn't fully happy with it, so far i have been using Opera, and am trying Maxthon and Avant tonight, what have you all found to be the Fastest or all-around best browser for your needs? Thanks.
  3. Thank you hazelnut, verry useful the scan says i have 256 MB of memory installed and that i can have a full 1GB and for rounded up $50 i can get allot of speed out of my comp, sweeeeet. maybe i will not have to buy new comp. Thanks!
  4. My comp has been slow for along time now and i'm needing it to go faster, i have about 50GB of free disk space left of memory... a friend told me to go to wal-mart and get a ram stick (like $30) but a guy at wal-mart said that one dont work with HP's... I have an HP pavilion a335w heres a web site tells all about it http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/documen...5562&dlc=en i have run alot fo virus scans and stuff but comp is sloooooooowww. thansk for any advise
  5. Thanks Andavari Jamin4u and davey. My comps nothing mutch at all, it was like $500 at Wal-Mart about 5 years ago Intel Pentium 4, nothings been added since i bought the comp, I use AVG free edition for A/V, SpyBot S&S and CC, i dont know mutch more about the comp off the top of my hand, i'l look it up in the morning, i do know its never been abull to play games mutch, and there seems to be no 3d card, all my graphics are run as onbord in the ram... i'd been using a 42 Kbps dial up internet connection but last month i got a 6 MB DSL, the comps never ran that fast but since then its been down hill, i did download Open GL to help with the graphics befor i got the DSL, it has some. I'l work on it some more in the morning, 1:57 AM now and 20 deg F outside, finaly been rosting all year.... -Andrew PS- almost forgot, i'v been kepin an eye on the disk defrag, its only told me i needed to run it once now, but i'v run it a few times a month... it only takes me about 10 minutes to run it on the Pavilion, and only a few secons to run on the recovery. the disk cleaner from day one will always freex the comp when i try to run it.
  6. hey all, i'm on a 5 year old HP running XP sp3 i'm a noob at this and i am afrade to try and turn some stuff off on the startup, but i need to, it take about 15 minutes to boot my comp up and here in the last week or some my comp freex's and crashes alot, i D-Loaded CC about a month ago and love it, even when i dlete the coockies myself from IE-7 CC always find more that i didnt... I'm also using Spybot Search and destroy, havnt goten througha full scan though with it case it takes so long, my comp soulnt be this slow, i dont have any games on it, and only about 300-400 song on ITunes and some other junk my family has like a digital camra. any advice on what i can turn off on startup and how to make my comp run better plz??? Thanks. -Andrew.
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