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    Firefox 5 out now

    Chrome and firefox merging together. May have been done all ready cause i test FF and i download FF but in c/program files says it is chrome. What ever it works great and i an 50 years old
  2. Hello I am useing xp with sp3. Also it works fine is there a chance there is a virus some where.
  3. I believe mods should merge these posts. As a good feature with a check mark to use it would the peter gutmen it will write over ten times files can not be recovered when used .
  4. Hello i test for firefox i don't dissable anything all works fine.
  5. Hello say you have xp have you gone to system tools and defraged from there. Just a though you likely tried this but just incase. It is also called the same thing for say vista in the same place.
  6. Hello can you remove those cookies your self like show all cookies. Then delete the ones you don't want. I know this is not the fix your looking for but for now you could try this.
  7. . But you know what you should do i did this buy a 500 gig external hardrive. Save all you need to. then you could actualy go to a friends bring your external hard drive with you plug and play mine cost a hunded dollars by know it sgould be even cheaper
  8. I am new here but not to how things works. My problem is i followed where you said can be found here .But the problem is when i try to download the 901 version it does not say 901 i have 5 different versions but the all say c cleaner but if you have 5 version on your puterit does this c leaner 1. 2. 3 .4 .5 so u can.t tell what one is the 901 thanks.
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