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  1. Still having the same problem with this new file
  2. was using the latest stable 3.54 build....and also i updated to the latest beta 3.55.06==same problem.. only when going back to the previous winapp version=all runs fine,no problem.
  3. ok i use xp pro sp3...and this is another update.. i run ccleaner with no winapp=no problems... i run ccleaner with winapp Version: v1.0.110428 entries 463 == no problems,all seens ok -the latest version seens to be the problem for me.
  4. update..i thought ccleaner got corrupted..uninstall,reinstall...but this is not the problem avira,uninstall/reinstall...open ie8...no problem it opens fine.. but when cleaning using ccleaner and that option enable and also sandboxie container files...the problem is back [nag] now waiting for if someone else has the same problem.
  5. ok have a question,, i use sandboxie and ie8,after downloading latest winapi i saw in ccleaner another option in applications section-internet explorer more* i check,,clean everything and open ie8,it idn't connect to the net,and then got a popout from sandboxie SBIE1308 program verclsid.exe cannot start due to restrictions" now when untickin this"internet explorer more...i get connection to the net..but the nag remain i have to close SB. and everytime i open ie8 i get this nag from SB...
  6. can you add "gBurner" program please.. thanks
  7. this thread is sticky right????...great.. and thanks a lot to Winapp2.ini ...great job
  8. i think there is also a free version of paragon too
  9. i has kaperskyIS is a good one,but know i swithced to avira home free.and let me tell ya,is a great,great product. plus i have firewall from router and windows firewall...from time to time i run malwarebytes..but since avira,,MB hasn't found anything.
  10. hey guys,this post is really interesting..i have verizon dsl,westell versalink 327w ..xp-pro-sp3 i found my firewall setting for westell..it has 5 options. Custom Security (Custom) Custom is a very advanced configuration option that allows you to edit the firewall configuration directly. Only expert users should attempt this. No Security (None) All traffic is allowed. Minimum Security (Low) The low security setting will allow all traffic except for known attacks. With low, your modem is visible by other computers on the Internet. Typical Securi
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