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  1. ISO .124 is a beta version... i installed it but the same,some play some don't..only sound
  2. and do you have host file and simple adblock installed?
  3. do me a favor go to these 2 places in youtube..and check if you have video..i only have sound. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=76_CjaxoAtY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KW45LVw73b0&feature=relmfu --using sware iron and flash for it and fanboy adblock list...these 2 plays good the problem is not with host file i have all updates,and the latest flash player version -i also uninstall and reinstall ie8=it doesn't work.. so i think is a problem with latest version of flash note: when posting these 2 links here videos work....but when going to youtube site there is a black screen
  4. thanks tom xp still works and good and thanks nodles i'll see updating drivers
  5. no...i don't even use firefox i use simple adblock and host file.
  6. is an old one nvidea gforce3 Ti 200 i have sandboxie installed....everything was right and then this happen black screen but sound
  7. i have the latest flash version but i can't see some videos on youtube...xp,ie8 does anubody know why
  8. THANKS for the slim version posted today.
  9. Just saw it today and picked up thanks Piriform.
  10. Still having the same problem with this new file
  11. was using the latest stable 3.54 build....and also i updated to the latest beta 3.55.06==same problem.. only when going back to the previous winapp version=all runs fine,no problem.
  12. ok i use xp pro sp3...and this is another update.. i run ccleaner with no winapp=no problems... i run ccleaner with winapp Version: v1.0.110428 entries 463 == no problems,all seens ok -the latest version seens to be the problem for me.
  13. update..i thought ccleaner got corrupted..uninstall,reinstall...but this is not the problem avira,uninstall/reinstall...open ie8...no problem it opens fine.. but when cleaning using ccleaner and that option enable and also sandboxie container files...the problem is back [nag] now waiting for if someone else has the same problem.
  14. ok have a question,, i use sandboxie and ie8,after downloading latest winapi i saw in ccleaner another option in applications section-internet explorer more* i check,,clean everything and open ie8,it idn't connect to the net,and then got a popout from sandboxie SBIE1308 program verclsid.exe cannot start due to restrictions" now when untickin this"internet explorer more...i get connection to the net..but the nag remain i have to close SB. and everytime i open ie8 i get this nag from SB...
  15. aqua

    Sware iron help

    totally agree,,that's a big fault by chrome developers.. i stop using sware iron because of this issue..but now i have it back.. there were and still there are a lot of complains about it. --the "always show bookmark bar" option is UGLY..
  16. aqua

    Sware iron help

    ok guys i went back to sware iron and need some help i need a bookmark button next to the toolbar like this one in the picture.. because if i click always show bookmark bar it creates another line.,space under the toolbar..
  17. Thanks Piriform for the ccleaner slim version.
  18. thanks for the slim version,works great.
  19. aqua

    CCleaner v3.05

    thanks for the slim version.
  20. aqua

    CCleaner v3.03

    we would like to hear from the admin if there is no more toolbars.
  21. aqua

    CCleaner v3.03

    yeah...where is it.. there is no officail word of it.
  22. have you guys read about this With the Caller ID Manager, you decide who can call you and when...without monthly fees! You determine how to handle each caller, whether local, long distance, international or cell phone calls. Screening options: Block anonymous and unidentified numbers, while allowing all others; Block up to 175 numbers, area codes or prefixes, or; Allow only callers you 'Invite' by name, number, or 'Wildcard' to ring your phone, and handle others as you choose. With each entry you decide between: Allowing the caller to ring your phone; Sending the caller directly to your VoiceMail or answering device without ringing your phone; Sending the caller directly to any extension without ringing other phones (using the optional Remotes), or; Ignore the caller completely and go unanswered, without ringing the phone. http://www.privacycorps.com/products/?id=20
  23. swap cables connected to the cd,[inside pc] uninstall ashampoo and try with another burner program.
  24. thanks Andavari from now on i'll be using the version
  25. hi guys does anybody know what was the last version that imgburn was release with no toolbars..thanks in advance.
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