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  1. Hi MrRon, How do I enable the debug mode? Eduardo
  2. Thanks, I'll look for them. If you want you can delete my suggestion. With Regards, Eduardo
  3. Hi, Not sure if this is a limitation and/or if it has been reported before but from hundres of files in my USB Flash drive, Recuva is not overwritting just one 900+MB file. The attached contains a screenshot. With regards, Eduardo Recuva.v1.31.437.Not.overwritten.bmp Recuva.v1.31.437.Not.overwritten.bmp
  4. Dear friends, since Recuva provides the feature of making files unrecoverable, what about making them really, really unrecoverable by also deleting their file names? Perhaps a new checkbox in the Options/ Action tab could provide the access to this feature. With regards, Eduardo
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