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  1. Do you have the extra 6 pin power cable going from PSU to GPU plugged into the GPU?
  2. I've tried all that....but it's a PITA. Then when it updates....it's all wiped out. So to avoid all the aggravation I just use Piriform defragger.
  3. Totally agree..... My issue is; when they add these hidden (LOL) gems in the installer and it gets flagged. I doesn't get installed. I for one love the disk defragger from Asulogic and used it for a lot of years. Now I can't....which is a PITA. So now I have been forced to use something else. So I opted for Piriform's defragger. It's not to bad.
  4. As for a printer....I have a AIO HP 5610v....that I've had since 2004. It's like a time x ... it takes a licking and keeps on ticking. It's been with me since Vista came out. All though I had to wait for a few months for a driver/software package to be released for each MS OS release. It's worked perfectly....only complaint I have is that it goes through some color ink. That's because of the single color cartridge it has.
  5. I stay away from OEM systems....unless I'm in the market for a laptop. Otherwise I build my own PC's.
  6. I had to go find mine and check this out. Well, mine is a iPod Nano....so it's charging now.
  7. NOTE: For those of you who use MB 3.0 (Malwarebytes 3.0), Malwarebytes has upped their aggressiveness on PUP's and PUM's. (Potnetially Unwanted Programs - PUP and Potentially Unwanted modifications - PUM) Which goes directly to the Ccleaner installer version, slim or full. What this means is, with their new attack policy, any software that has additional software that is being slipped into the install with out the users knowledge or lack there of, will be flagged as a "malicious" software and not allowed to be installed. Point in case; Auslogics disk defragger. So Ccleaner could be at ris
  8. After checking with task manager; I do see 7 entries of chrome and 1 entry of G drive.
  9. Thanks. I've seen that info on that link you shared before. It was worth the read again.
  10. Issue: When running Ccleaner (latest version).....it always asks if I want it to close chrome. I've all ready closed chrome. I select yes...then get the message that it's not wanting to close and if I want to force it closed. I select yes and Ccleaner does it's thing. Anybody else have this?
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