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    thinking about switching to a pc card for wireless internet so i can use my laplop anywhere i travel and to get rid of my cable and modem...does anyone have experience with the company called clearwire...feedback/suggestions about other companies or options available to me would be appreciated...thx
  2. yr3750


    does anyone know if there is a way to permanently "kill" these dropdown menu's? thx
  3. want to use one of them...please advise...thx
  4. thanks Stryker...I will follow your advice and see if it works
  5. for some reason I cannot find any instructions to help me delete my free aol/aim email acoount...any support will be appreciated...thanks
  6. cops are above the law...just ask them...better yet, just observe them on the highways
  7. I didn't download IE8, but noticed something about a Silverlight Agreement where the browser sends data back to Microsoft? Is this something new...or, do all IE browsers send data to microsoft? Can that feature be disabled on IE8? Thanks in advance for any replies. By the way, I have been trying Apple's Safari Browser...I find that I am starting to like it...it has some great features.
  8. okay...i will download ImgBurn...thanks for the support
  9. thanks for the feedback...as you can tell i seldom have a need to back-up documents or copy items to a cd...currently, i just have 2 short Word documents that i needed to back-up...the process above worked...however, i will start looking for a third-party CD/DVD burner to make things easier for me in the future...thanks again
  10. oops...forgot to add instructions so here they are Choose the Mastered format when you need a highly compatible disc that will play in computers with an older version of Windows or in media devices such as CD and DVD players that can read digital music and video files. For more information about choosing a disc format, see Which CD or DVD format should I use? 1. Insert a writeable CD or DVD into your computer's CD or DVD recorder. 2. In the dialog box that appears, click Burn files to data disc. 3. In the Burn a Disc dialog box, type a name for this disc, and then click Show formatting options. 4. Click Mastered, and then click Next. An empty disc folder opens. 5. Open the folder that contains the files you want to burn, and then drag the files into the empty disc folder. 6. On the toolbar, click Burn to disc. The selected files are copied to the disc. When the disc burning is complete, the disc burner tray will open and you can remove the disc. You can now use the disc in another computer or media device. This type of disc does not need to be closed.
  11. found instructions....windows vista users may want to read and keep handy...bye ps: windows vista really SUCKS! the more i use it the more i dislike it...........
  12. still somewhat new to windows vista and everyday there is another surprise...can any windows vista users explain how to back-up a couple of word documents...on my windows xp i just insert a cd into the disk drive and copy the documents...windows vista wants to format the cd...i let it format which takes about 15 to 20 minutes...it always goes through the formatting process and comes back "format was unsuccessful"...after that it appears that the new cd is no longer readable or useable...anyway, i tried to use both the auto back-up program, as well as tried to format it manually...when i just try to copy the files manually, it still wants to format the disk...help me if you can...thanks
  13. is there a conventional wisdom as to whether it is better to turn a computer on/off several times a day...or, just leave it on all day...or, just leave it on all the time (day & night) with just an occasional reboot once or twice during the week? thanks...
  14. i've been testing safari...and, have come to like it over firefox...
  15. is there another similar program...one that's worthwhile...or, am i better off without anything? a long time ago i used ca's pest patrol...but, i thought it was bothersome
  16. okay, i will download it...i just thought that it was part of svc pack 2 and was already downloaded...i don't remember downloading it before my hard drive crashed...anyways, THANK YOU for the quick response
  17. my hard drive crashed...it was replaced with a new one...i reloaded my xp operating system and did all the updates including svc pack 2...however, i cannot locate windows defender...it is not in program files...it is not in start/all programs...i checked recent updates and did not see any updates for windows defender, either...i thought windows defender was part of svc pack 2...anyway, can anyone point me in the right direction to getting access to windows defender? thx
  18. what is the purpose of .net framework and why does microsoft add all of these programs that nobody needs?
  19. I have Windows Vista. I am having problems with the current batch of updates, too. I tried cleanmgr. The updates still "failed". Perhaps, we will hear something from Microsoft about the problem...surely, they must have heard that many people can't install the updates. I don't believe it's my Toshiba laptop. Anyway, Windows Vista is just XP with a layer of complexity above it. After several more keystrokes than XP, you eventually get to the same menus. It must have been released prematurely. Maybe they will come out with a major update soon, e.g., svc pack 2? At this time, I would NOT recommend Windows Vista.
  20. Thanks...that helped on a couple of other items, but not the 3 listed above. It appears that the website has not been updated for Windows Vista, yet. Thanks again.
  21. 1) v92 modem on hold app... 2) Intel R graphics media accelerator... 3) CD/DVD drive acoustic silencer Can I delete these from starting up and running in the background utilizing CCleaner/Tools/Startup program... OR, do I need these programs for one reason or another? Where possible I want to keep things from running in the background unless it is a must have item. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  22. I should have let you know earlier that right-clicking the CCleaner icon worked for me, too...THANKS again for the GREAT support.
  23. yr3750

    Microsoft Mail

    purchased new pc with Vista OS...can't send or receive email using new Microsoft Mail...error message 0x800ccc79 & 0x800ccc0e...looked these up and tried to make corrections...still doesn't work... any ideas? thanks in advance for your support.
  24. I just can't clean the registry with "ISSUES"...that's mostly the problem...when i scan and hit the fix issues button it appears to clean the registry, however, when i keep scanning issues i continue to get the same issues over and over...when i had the XP operating system i used dial-a-fix to correc this problem?????????? THANKS for your responses...this is the BEST of any forum that i have visited.
  25. anyway, does ISSUES work with Vista...dial-a-fix? if not, any other file cleaners that i can use until CCleaner is updated to ensure all features work with Vista?
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