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  1. One of the reasons I do not use or like Avast is it's heavy usage of resources. Too many processes running and too much RAM. It also takes too long to scan has too many false positives and a very ugly UI that is not very user friendly. Also when it auto updates it cripples the system for the time it's updating. Slows everything right down even on my fast computers. Even when not updating it slows down the system but much more so when updating. I do not understand the attraction to this AV on this forum. Avira is better in every way. I read about the right click problem some are having but I have never experienced it in the years I have use Avira.
  2. Anomaly

    Glary Utilities

    I use it and like it very much. It is one of the best all in one utilities out there. If you have a lot of maintenance programs already there will be some duplication with Glary's but it's still got some great tools worth having. I use the disk space analyzer often. It breaks down from biggest to smallest all the folders and files on your HD. It is the nicest and clearest tool for that I have tried and I have tried many. I would use Glary's just to get that. If you aren't sure why not try the portable version?
  3. Running Avira on many machines over the years and have never experienced it. Does it happen after you right click scan or any kind of right click?
  4. You people having issues with Avira are you using the newest version that just came out or the previous version? The previous version works perfectly and will be supported for about another year or longer. This is one reason I don't rush after updates as soon as they come out when my older version is working fine.
  5. Anomaly

    CCleaner v2.16

    It doesn't show up for me in CCleaner uninstall tool. Just the program name is listed like it always has been.
  6. Anomaly

    CCleaner v2.16

    "Added Publisher to the uninstall tool." What does this mean?
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