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  1. Ha ha I'm not going to burst a gasket. The bottom line is the app stores are not a good thing. It dumbs down computing, it takes away choice, it puts too much control into the hands of the company running the store and allows them to censor, it makes the OS closed since you can't decide where to get software for it and your locked into the apps store. You want to see me burst a gasket? Just watch what happens if Apple decides that all programs must come from an app store on my desktop Mac. They do it now for the iPhone,iPad,and iPod Touch but not Mac OS X. If they do I will burst a gasket and some other things to.
  2. Do you think you would have many of the great apps you mentioned if MS had made Windows only able to install apps from an app store that MS controlled? Not on your life. They would have complete control over what gets on your machine and there would be many developer that simply wouldn't get their apps on the store. That would kill innovation not help it. Now a developer just makes an app and hosts it where ever he wants and you go download it and install. MS has no say. App stores and locked down systems kills that.
  3. I don't see your point. The app store concept is opposite of the way Windows does it. So if your happy with how Windows is doing it and the 'ton or free applications" that have been developed how could you think a closed system like app stores is good. I think your totally missing the point.The windows system you are so happy with is not an app store system or any where close to being one for that matter. You mention the iPod. Well the iPod touch which is basically an iPhone without the phone part has been on the app store system since it came out. The only way to get anything on there is through iTunes and the app store. If you're an app developer you have to put your app in the app store and that means getting Apple's approval. If your app competes with an Apple app forget about getting it on there. Thats the whole problem with this. If the system wasn't closed you could make any app you want and anybody could use it without having to go through an app store and all the BS that goes with it. Make no mistake about it apps stores are not a good thing for the computer user. They are a money grab for the guys running them.
  4. Well I don't have a problem with that. As long as you are not locked into only getting apps from the app store.
  5. They could use a Linux method where they have a repository with tested apps that you know will work and not trash the system but your not locked into just using those apps you have the freedom to go elsewhere. I agree about the money but thats the problem. There is no way Microsoft will sit this out and let Apple each some more of their lunch. I can see the day you run Windows and only programs from a Windows app store can go on the machine. Maybe apple will get big enough to become an anti trust issue like MS and than they will get clamped down on. Many believe the only reason Opera Mini was allowed on the iphone app store was because Apple feared being sued by Opera Software. Since the acceptance of Opera Mini in the app store it has overtaken Mobile Safari in browser share on the iphone. Still you only have two choices really, Safari and Opera. Apple could have refused Opera it has rejected other apps for know other reason other than they felt like it.
  6. If Mac OS for desktops ever pulls this crap, and there is heavy talk in the Mac world that it's coming, I will dump my Macs immediately. I will decide what I put on my machines and where I get it not Uncle Steve. I don' think you will see an influx of users to Linux or Windows because of this. I think you will see the opposite. Thats why Mac is so popular now. It's growing like wild fire and people seem to love being locked down in these OS that require an app store. This is what has me so concerned. I would not be surprised to see windows follow this format if Mac continues to be hugely successful with it. I read an article that ASUS is releasing a tablet with a version of Windows 7 on it and it will have an app store so we will see where this leads but it's not good for anybody but idiots this trend to dumb computing.
  7. It's terrifying that we will be forced into a bad system of doing things by monkeys. It's very disturbing and it's only going to increase in pace with the popularity of the ipad.
  8. Maybe I'm missing something here but what is the attraction to app stores? This all started with the iphone. The only way to get a program on the phone is through the app store. You browse for it and pay for it and than install it through the app store. Apple controls what goes in the app store and sometimes rejects apps for no good reason. Despite this censorship by Apple and the lack of freedom you have to install apps from any where you want the app store is hugely successful. So much so that the new ipad also has an app store and you suffer from the same restrictions. Due to the success of this system you have all kinds of apps stores popping up. Blackberry has one, Palm has one for their OS, Google Chrome OS will have one I just read. This is insane for many reasons. This is a step backwards not forwards. You lose control over what and where you get your programs. Not only that you can kiss free software goodbye. Most of the good apps cost money and since you can't go else where you are locked in. The most disturbing part is that the user seem to embrace this stupidity. It's unbelievable. Imagine having a Windows machine and the only way to get an app on it was through the app store instead of like now where you can just go to any site you want and install the programs you want and go all free ware if you want. There is talk now that a future version of Mac OS X will be a closed system just like the iphone and ipad. Who knows where this crap will stop but it's very disturbing that it's happening and sickening that there are so many monkeys out there actually embracing this trash. Does anybody else see this shift happening? Does it disturb you and have you concerned with the future of computing?
  9. Anomaly

    IE7 Pro 2.5.0

    Just says fixed some bugs. I don't think it's even compatible with Windows 7 yet. That used to be an excellent addon but seems to be almost abandoned now. Their forum is an absolute disaster. 90% of the posts are spam and I don't think the developers even bother to answer questions any more. This addon is really dropped off big time.
  10. What threats would you be prone to by uninstalling IE?
  11. Anomaly


    There is a bunch of bootable rescue CD's out there like Bart PE, Hiren's, UBCD, and the major AV companies all have rescue CD's that you can boot from but all you really need is a live Linux distro on a CD or USB. With it you can do just about anything you would with the other CD's plus learn a new OS while your at it. That link you provided is a good example of what can be done.
  12. That just covers the ads after they are already downloaded. ABP in Firefox actually stops them from downloading. There is no way as of yet to do that in Chrome.
  13. Anomaly


    You guys running the live CD should get an external USB HD and run from it. It will run at almost the same speed as if you installed it. The CD or USB thumb drive won't be nearly as fast.
  14. Couple things here. Ah yeah I use Firefox every day and it's no where near as bloated as Chrome. If you read this thread you would know I use Firefox so why ask if I have? I don' think there is a browser I haven't used and I currently use 6 different ones on three different OS. I never said people that use Chrome are stupid. I said the stupid people I know use it and like it. I did say that Chrome users are less tech types and that's true. I also said Chrome was a dumb browser because of it's simplicity and total lack of anything and that is also true. If the truth hurts oh well. Your another of these people saying Chrome is not a hog. How can you say that? What are you basing that on. Have you compared RAM usage, disk space, disk activity etc? I keep hearing all these Chrome fans make this claim but there is no backing it up. So why not be the first to back it up?
  15. I think the interface looks childish. It's disturbing that Chrome has caught on the way it has. Things like bloat and resource usage used to matter to people now they don't seem to care. Chrome is by far the biggest user of resources but I keep reading about how "light" it is. Where do they get this from? I think it has caught on because it is so basic. The learning curve is very small. Compare that to Opera. If you dig into Opera the customization options are huge. The built in features set is probably over whelming to many.
  16. How are you liking K-Meleon it's been years since I tried it. I remember that I had to do a lot of ini file editing to customize it.
  17. But why? It has so much to like about it. It's ugly. Looks like a brain damaged five year old designed it. Massive resource pig. Missing even basic features like RSS feed detection. Very intrusive browser, can't turn off auto update without hacking it. Has 4000+ extensions and 99.99999% are absolutely junk. It's a big attempt by Google to dumb down the world of browsers and seems to be succeeding judging by how fast it is caching on with the stupid people I know. Seems the more stupid they are the more they like Chrome.
  18. Page looks too cluttered and less space for the results. They should make the side bar collapsible. I think this is a trend to dumbing things down for Google. Chrome is joke that looks like it's designed by a five year old with brain damage and this side bar is just as stupid.
  19. The people loving Chrome are not teck types. Thats why they don't use Firefox or Opera. They just don't get it. They use Chrome which is a dumb browser. This is not the way Firefox should go.
  20. Firefox should not be letting Chrome influence it at all. Firefox should stick with what works. Following a crap browser like chrome is stupid strategy. I see Firefox speeding up release cycles just to keep up with Chrome and they will have problems doing it. I have both Firefox and Chrome on all my machines and there is no comparison. Chrome is a dumbed down browser to appeal to simpletons. This is not the user group Firefox should be targeting.
  21. Are you referring to me? If so I'm not a Mac fanboy. I use several different OS and am learning another as I type this. What am I in denial about? I love my Mac I certainly don't think it's crap. Please think before opening your mouth and embarrassing your self.
  22. Anomaly

    IE 8 V vrs IE7

    Because many have had major issues with IE 8 on XP. I'm assuming he is using XP because if he was using Windows 7 this would not even be a choice for him since IE 8 comes with Windows 7.
  23. Anomaly

    IE 8 V vrs IE7

    IE 8 on Windows 7 is faster than IE 7 on XP. I have not run IE 7 and IE 8 on the same OS to be able to compare them. On Windows 7 IE 8 is comparable to FF and Opera in speed. You won't see the big speed difference you see between IE 7 and FF. On XP I don't know since I don't have IE 8 on the one machine that still runs XP.
  24. Ha ha what the heck kind of comment is that? PC and Mac both use other manufacturers components. Intel chips, seagate HDD, etc. Besides we are talking operating systems here not hardware.
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