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  1. Well they are, for example, images that you would find in temporary Internet files left by IE ...which are meant to be securely deleted by CCleaner. Some have logical names and they are of a .gif or .jpg format.
  2. Using CCleaner. I don't use the recycle bin. Deep scan. I can actually retrieve the files, it's not just displaying the files I can actually view and recover them. Pardon? If I have interrupted that correctly (that I am not from Yorkshire) then you're wrong. I am, I'm from Yorkshire, but I have moved to Derbyshire recently--so that's from Yorkshire but living in Derbyshire. However, if I have interpreted that incorrectly I do apologise. Indeed. Anyway, so can anyone explain why them files that should have been securely deleted have managed to appear again?
  3. OK, so I run CCleaner each time I want to clear my browsers memory (including Firefox 3.0.5 and occasionally Internet Explorer 7) because I was under the assumption that the data would be secure deleted (with selecting Gutmann (35 Passes) in the options). However, I not long ago ran Recuva and it was able to recover files that should have been deleted by CCleaner yesterday. What's going on?
  4. I know. I'm just embarrassed that I didn't suggest it. It wasn't long ago that I learnt about that (so it should be fresh in my memory).
  5. I wish everyone a Happy New Year.
  6. I was suggested to use DBAN but I tried installing it to my USB Flash Drive and it came up with an odd error (was a little error window, totally blank). So I skipped it and used Seagates own software.
  7. It's not 2009 and still no reply, what kind of service are you running here? Jokes aside though ...bump... I'd really like this resolved so any suggestions are welcomed.
  8. Sorry, I am sure there are many topics of this kind, however, my searching skills are useless and I've discovered nothing so... here it goes... My friend is a complete noOb so I am doing this for her. So, my friend recently got a HP Photosmart M517 camera and she used Photoshop to copy her files and an option on there was: 'Delete after upload' and she stupidly ticked it. Unfortunately, the photos didn't all transfer (something happened) so I suggested this program to recover the files. Unfortunately though, it would appear that Recuva doesn't detect the camera in either the drop-down menu on the main window or in the list using the wizard. She has the drivers and all the HP software (from their website to do with this camera) installed and yet Recuva doesn't detect it. My Computer does detect it and she can easily browse it. Does anyone have any suggestions/fixes? Edit: This is a screen shot of the debug/error file.
  9. Merry, belated, Christmas to all. My Christmas wasn't too bad I suppose. My mum did try, bless her, but it just hasn't been the same for me in ages; I believe I have lost the Christmas spirit. As for what I got: a cool stylish black jacket, a t-shirt, a shirt, jeans, some Adidas shower gel and spray, money, two DVDs: 'Michael McIntyre Live and Laughing' and 'Lee Evans Big - at O2 Arena', and chocolate; loads of it.
  10. I guess so. It is a cool logo nonetheless.
  11. Merry Christmas to all. Hope we all have a good'en.
  12. I too have the same combination as you: Windows firewall + avast! Home Edition. I didn't actually know Windows firewall is just an inbound firewall, I guess it makes sense now. However, it still doesn't notify me of inbound connections on ports outside 80.
  13. Would you like for me to send you a screen shot via PM (so that it doesn't ruin the surprise for others)?
  14. That's quite snazzy. I love silly things like this in software. Shows a more informal/funny side to these big companies. Take Google Chrome for example, when uninstalling it says in brackets: 'Something we said?'
  15. I would say ZoneAlarm Free, if any. I use Windows firewall and think it's pathetic. It doesn't prompt me about even half the network connections made, it just assumes to allow them. In fact, I've only noticed it prompt me about Second Life's SL Voice, that's it, I know of six more connections I would like to be prompt about and it doesn't. I can't actually believe I am going to say this, and I do say this rather hesitantly, every connection made, I knew about. Why I choose to stay with Windows firewall? ...because I don't want any more third party security software installed on my system--I'll take my chances.
  16. My Christmas Tree (Clicky) [If you zoom out it'll look more focused. I was quite still and so was the camera; it's just because of the lights on the tree.]
  17. Nice tree LuLu. The photo without the flash is better because it makes things look cosier. My, well, rather *our*, Christmas tree is rather damn good ... it's all traditional looking I believe. I will hopefully post a photo of it later tonight if not tomorrow.
  18. Good to hear. However, how long shall it remain free?!?!?! I like CCleaner and so do many of the people I have referred it to. P.S - I can't believe how long CCleaner has been around for.
  19. Fair enough. You have my support, DennisD; especially since he offended people in the forces (I have huge amounts of respect for them).
  20. This is free Virtual Private Network (VPN)-ing software. I've used it before and it's pretty damn good. One can use it to send messages over the network and be part of the community (in addition to the normal VPN features). The rest of the software you have listed I am unaware of and will research into them later; .
  21. it. Though, since it's for 2009 maybe it should have been released on the 1st of January? Nonetheless, amazing design; has my approval.
  22. Thanks DennisD, it looks like something I can use.
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