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  1. I just downloaded it, grabbed 2 videos I wanted and it worked great - thanks for the recommendation!
  2. Even though MalwareFox is the same program as Zemana, I uninstalled MalwareFox because of extremely poor support - in fact, no response to any questions I submitted. I have since installed Zemana and currently running their trial (which incidentally is a 30-day trial period. MalwareFox I believe only had a 15-day trial period). When the trial expires I will likely only keep it for on-demand scans - i.e. the free version. Just not sure real-time protection from any anti-malware software is worth the annual cost. I do however agree that Zemana seems excellent. BTW, I submitted a question to Zemana support and had a promt reply.
  3. That can't be good, so no Freemake for me! Actually, the reason I was wondering is I've been trying to figure out an easy way to download videos and music from YouTube. As far as MP3s is concerned, I found an easy option ( http://www.youtube-mp3.org/ ). You just copy the URL into the field and it converts the video to MP3 in about 1 second and then you download, which takes about 3 seconds. Now I just need to find an easy way to download videos.
  4. Let us know how it goes, I'd like to know your opinion on Norton.
  5. Not sure if you have used Windows 7 much, but I've had Windows 7 on two PCs for many years and find nothing wrong with it. Our laptops have WIndows 10 and we actually like it. We've had no problems with it at all, compared to some people who seem to be having some ssues. I tried to upgrade our PCs to Windows 10 but was not able to do so, apparently because of not having the proper hardware to do so. Anyway login, I guess where I was going with this is: have you considered going to Windows 10 instead of 7?
  6. In that case, going with Panda certainly makes sense. I didn't know Avast had that problem because I've never run expensive software so I never encountered this problem. You would think the company would rectify this issue. LOL - I gather you had tried Norton at some point in the past and was not too pleased.
  7. Has anyone used any of the Freemake programs, for example "Freemake Video Downloader" ? If so, just wondering what your opinion is.
  8. How did you get this image of me? I thought I had my laptop camera turned off. Oh wait, not quite, I have grey hair. I ignore a lot of so-called "expert" opinions. I decided to post the link to the article because I had never seen anything so exact opposite to anything I've read. I certainly don't agree with his comments. Who on this planet would agree? "free of MS" - YAY!
  9. It sounds like Panda has been a real pain for you. Is there a reason why you haven't tried another free antivirus that runs on XP?
  10. Yup, that's what I meant, just a typo How do you like Panda in comparison to when you had Avira?
  11. I had somehow got the impression that you were using Avari Free Antivirus.
  12. Doing the reinstall via the Media Creation Tool, it saved all my programs. If I have any problem in the future, I will do a complete clean install. What's taking some time now is installing a bunch of Windows Updates.
  13. What do you think of this guy's advice? http://www.techradar.com/news/could-windows-defender-be-the-last-antivirus-you-will-ever-need
  14. Just to let you know, the reinstall went well. It was highly recommended on the Windows Ten Forum that I I download The Media Creation Tool and then download Windows 10 to a new USB. Doing the reinstall this way I was able to save all my apps. Hopefully now all will be fine in Dell Laptop land.
  15. -- Yes! All the help from everyone involved was GREATLY appreciated. -- I didn't really think the advice on here varied much. For one thing, all of you agree that I should now do a reinstall. AND now, I finally agree. Thanks to all.
  16. I've taken two sedatives already because I'll likely give the reinstall a go today and I wanted to be ready for it.
  17. @ Corona: I agree with mta's comment (could not have said it any better): "Sorry but I've either completely missed some sort of implied sarcasm or something that you meant to be light-hearted has been lost in translation."
  18. Thanks for the info mta. By the way, I love your tag lines - very well put! - i.e: Backup now & backup often. It's your digital life - protect it with a backup. Three things are certain; Birth, Death and loss of data. You control the last.
  19. One more thing... If I reinstall, how is the best way to copy: 1) ALL my Chrome set-up 2) My Thunderbird set-up (accounts, contacts) 3) Desktop 4) Start Menu
  20. BTW, by following instructions as per Windows Ten Forum, I checked my system integrity with "sfc / scannow" and I ran the "DISM /Cleanup-Image" tool, both in an elevated Command Prompt. Both had clean results.
  21. I did exactly that last night, took a bunch of screen shots. I figured it would come in handy!
  22. I agree it would be a great experience to have under my belt because I have never done a reinstall of Windows (our computer guru did it for us a couple of times). So when I'm up to it, I'll probably give it a go. mta, within this topic you once wrote: "also don't forget Advanced Recovery Mode in Win10, you can tell it to Reset your PC keeping personal files or starting from scratch". If I decide to reinstall, is this the best way to do it? Also, should I select the keeping of personal files or start from scratch (assuming I have my stuff backed up)?
  23. Hazel, I really do appreciate your advice. I think for now I'll see how things go and keep your advice in mind if there is the slightest hint of any other problems. Don't worry I'll be OK. Besides my old laptop I have 2 PCs and my wife has a new laptop and any important stuff we have is stored on all 4 as well as a USB drive.
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