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  1. YAY! Thanks to the help and guidance from Bree, a Moderator on Windows Ten Forums, my problem has been solved! I'll try and explain how the problem was resolved: When I went into the task manager, after clicking on the Administrator account from the login screen, and then running "netplwiz", I was able to change the Administrator password. But within my account, stuff still didn't work for me. I tried going into the Administrator account and could tell it accepted my new password because the little "welcome" message appeared on the password field (this hasn't happened before). However, as before, nothing happened for about a minute. Then a desktop appeared very briefly but it only showed the recycle bin and my Last Pass vault. After approx. 5 seconds it vanished and a black screen appeared. I waited for several minutes but nothing happened. I then repeated the procedure to run "netplwiz" and this time I highlighted my account and on the next page selected "Group Membership" and then assigned Administrator rights to my account. So it appears that the hidden Administrator account, which is now enabled (thus appearing as an option on the login screen) is just not working. Who knows why, perhaps it's corrupted somehow. As per advice, I assume the smart thing to do is create another account and assign administrator rights to it. Is this correct? Also, will the new account naturally adopt all from my account? Hazel, Andavari and mta, thank you all for your time and all your advice!
  2. -- I have always backed up my system and files (with AOMEI Backupper) onto a USB drive. -- I didn't know I should have downloaded the .ISO file on the AOMEI website. I will for sure after I'm happy with how things are and do another backup. Thanks for the advice.
  3. -- Good to know, if I need to, that I can re-install windows with no problem. -- As per request from Windows Ten Forum, I went into advanced recovery mode in order to change a registry key. Turns out no change was necessary because it was the correct value. Never knew this advanced recovery mode existed.
  4. Just wanted to mention: After all this gets sorted and I'm happy with how things are, a very good friend of mine will be helping me better understand the use of Macrium Reflect. So I'll be much better prepared for any bad issues in the future.
  5. -- So I would have no worries regarding the product key for Windows 10 even if I bought the laptop second hand with Windows 7 installed and upgraded to Windows 10 for free online? -- Regarding Advanced Recovery, that's what was suggested on the Windows Ten Forum. I am currently asking more about that on that forum.
  6. @ Andavari: I tried to access my back-up file created with AOMEI Backupper but in order to do so I need to open the program and once again, I was denied access I really don't know how many Partitions I have. I know this sounds weird to you and many others. I tried to find out by right-clicking the start button and selecting Disk Management, but again I was not allowed access. Very frustrating!
  7. I should point out that I also posted on the Windows 10 Forum, as per: https://www.tenforums.com/general-support/80495-lost-my-administrator-privileges-windows-10-need-help.html#post973970
  8. I did have the USB drive plugged in but to be honest, I think the image for my C drive had been stored on my C drive when it did the backup. I'm not sure where the "boot" option is located.
  9. I am having a serious issue that I need help with asap. Due to several things it seems that I have lost my administrator privileges on my laptop running Windows 10 Pro. I can't remember my administrator password and therefore I can no longer download/uninstall or run programs, like CCleaner. I have tried several suggestions I found online, but nothing has helped. I had changed my login to windows to login using my Microsoft Account. After that I wanted to change the name that was displayed and in my efforts to do that I'm sad to say I must have screwed up. At some point I enabled the administrator account (which I now realize that I probably shouldn't have done). The method I used to do that is shown in the attached image ending in "p1". I tried to disable the administrator account via the same method (see attached ending in "p2"), but I was denied this change due to not having privilege. At some point I changed my account to a "Local Account". I now realize that was probably also an error. I tried to restore from a Windows restore point, but I was denied access due to not having Administrator rights. I also tried to restore via a back-up image that I had created a few days ago using AOMEI Backupper, but again I was denied access. A couple of days ago I created an image using Macrium Reflect (Free). On a page that is displayed just before the Windows sign-in page, I now have the option of using Windows 10 or Macrium Relect. I tried clicking on Macrium Reflect and the program opened. I must be an idiot because I couldn't figure out how to restore the image of my C Drive that I had created. Perhaps it had been created wrong, who knows! Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  10. Thank you Andavari, finally I get it. LOL took me long enough!
  11. Excuse my ignorance , but in reference to using both MVPS Host file and SpywareBlaster, how does your system know which Host file to go by?
  12. Thanks hazel. I found a handy explanation of how to create the shortcut in windows 10, for those not in the know. https://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/75768-create-reliability-monitor-shortcut-windows-10-a.html
  13. Hi Dennis, thanks for your input regarding backups. I agree that weekly is likely an overkill. I'll copy your schedule and backup monthly Also only keep at most 2 previous images. Great tips about not taking short cuts and verifying the image after backup & before restoring. I have a 1 Terabyte USB drive which I use for backups. Currently I use AOMEI Backupper (free version), which seems very good. I am also taking a look at Macrium Reflect (free) which I know a lot of Piriform members use. Wonder if anyone on this forum has heard anything regarding AOMEI Backupper (free version)?
  14. The following seems like pretty good advice. Quote from "bellgamin" on Wilders Security Forum: I find it difficult to understand why anyone would want an AV to clean malware. Such clean-ups are not always a 100% certainty. IMO, it's much better to image one's system disk at least weekly & retain 3-4 months of prior images( FIFO). The best cure for an infection this week is to restore a healthy image from a prior week.
  15. Just installed "Toolwiz Time Freeze 2017", a free virtualization software. Very easy to use and seems very good - and free is good, YAY!
  16. rridgely, due to the quote included below I have now switched from Adblock to uBlock Origin. Partial quote: Adblock Plus has an "Acceptable Ads" program. Some firms with questionable privacy practices have been able to pay to have their ads declared "Acceptable" Quote from: https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-difference-between-AdBlock-Plus-uBlock-Origin-and-uBlock-Why-do-most-of-the-big-technology-companies-support-the-uBlock-Origin-Why-are-most-of-the-newbies-with-AdBlock-Plus
  17. Has anyone on here used VoodooShield? https://voodooshield.com/
  18. Do you personally make use of both MVPS Hosts File and SpywareBlaster?
  19. Yes Willy2, I am behind a WiFi router that I've setup securely in settings and with a super strong password.
  20. According to some replies to a post I posted on Wilders Security Forum ( https://www.wilderssecurity.com/threads/4-questions-regarding-malware-programs.392868/#post-2661464 ), Zemana is now MalwareFox. As a result of this, I downloaded MalwareFox and currently have 1 week left in the trial period. Seems like a good product; however, from what I have experienced, their email support sucks big time. I submitted two questions, one 5 days ago and one 3 days ago, and zero response (other than a confirmation email). Due to this I just submitted another email, as shown below: I am currently running a trial of your software. The program seems good but I am really not sure I want to pay for your product, my reasons are as follows: (1) I have submitted two tickets, one was 5 days ago and so far have had no reply other than a confirmation email that the tickets were received. This is just not acceptable! Would you buy a program that has lousy support? (2) Your support URL shows up as not trustworthy on WOT (Web of Trust - as you know, a long time established site). I'm anxious to see if they'll respond to that email. Perhaps Zemana is still Zemana and the information regarding them now being MalwareFox is not correct. One thing I know for sure, the GUI of MalwareFox is identical to the image on the Zemana website you linked to.
  21. From what I have read here on Piriform and on quite a few Security Forums, with few exceptions, all advise running real-time malware protection. I have not been able to find any free real-time anti-malware programs so now for me the question is which product is currently the best bang for the buck.
  22. Great to know I'm spot on mta. I'll have a look at all your suggestions, thanks!
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