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    Seconded. No slim? New owners getting greedy?
  2. Willy2 well done suggesting fixes. I might ask why it is that if an the average 'Defrag' takes hours and the average system is set to Sleep in thirty minutes, the system doesn't /at least have a non-default option/ to disable sleep while it is active? It is poor planning from the average novice's view. Just my 2c, thanks.
  3. Does Windows correctly identify the drive? Defraggler may use Windows' information. A suggestion is to try opening the command prompt and winsat diskformal .
  4. Hello, A memory card is giving me trouble. It would appear the previous MFT is gone. It needs a full deep scan to get things back and they are visible when it starts. The problem is it will work for a minute or two and then cut out. Recuva is currently unable to assist, with a small modification it would be much more helpful. I have had this problem with hard disc drives in the past. The issue appears to be thermal and it is safe to assume it cuts out when surpassing a thermal barrier. Currently the software cuts out after a few minutes, the media appears to disconnect and reconn
  5. Hello, This is a good idea. I downloaded the file yesterday and ran it with many new options. Today, Mailwasher 2012 is missing all emails downloaded before now. They only display something similar to: The email was empty account = Acct1963********* uid = 2fea******************************** file name = C:\Users\****\AppData\Roaming\Firetrust\MailWasher\cache\crypto\2fea179f8*********************************.0001 (asterisks in the event data is sensitive). It has worked well and continually upgraded for years. Please correct or remove this option. Thank you, Silicon83
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