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  1. Download this version: http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=1110 and extract, is working well, so you can see what's wrong with your Winapp2.ini.
  2. lol, basically what i was trying to say is that if you don't know what an "addiction" is use Google to search for it, because if the addiction appears there is because you have it installed, so i've said that if you uninstall useless applications you'll have more free space because most of us have useless applications that we don't use and they are using disk space. But like you've said uncheck what you are not sure about.
  3. All the new additions have a "*" before the application name, for example: *Spyware Doctor, this is the one for Spyware Doctor, so if you want to clean the files on SD that option needs to be checked, if you don' want to clean just uncheck, like you always do when cleaning normally. If you are not sure what is the application X then browse on Google for it, maybe you just don't even need that app anymore, which will free up even more space, lol.
  4. Oh, it's so easy. 1-Just download the file: http://www.internetrotsyourbrain.com/winapp2/winapp2.zip 2-Extract it to your desktop 3-Move the file that was extracted (winapp2.ini) to CCleaner installation folder 4-Run CCleaner and clean your system. 5-That's all
  5. Hi bimbobo, try to uncheck the option "other explorer MRUs" in the Windows tab. Also if you use the addon for cleaning more files try to uncheck the option "*More Windows Explorer" in the Applications tab. Hope this helps.
  6. Hi Eli, yes CCleaner can clean' Spyware Doctor. But first you need the add-on for that, which can be found here: http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=1110 Download the file and extract it to the CCleaner's installation folder, run the application again and it will clean it, hope this helps.
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