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  1. Hi, my son's laptop with Winodows 8.1 64 bit har the newest Chrome browser, and the newest CC version In CC startup folder for Chrome there are 5 Chrome things, which cannot be removed or disable. It keeps saying that Chrome does not allow that, or something like that. I have 2 extensions in Chrome settings but there are 3 more in CC, which I can't remove On my Win 7 PC the same thing does not happen, I still run CC 4.19 (which I like more than the new one) Why can't we stop this Chrome stuff in the other laptop? Thx in advance
  2. It sems issue is not CClenaer... Using Bing o IGoogle makes autocomplete working.. So no CCleaner fault this time Regards
  3. Well UAC is killed as soon as I installed Win 7 I can restore in Safe Mode.. I am running with admin privileges.. Import in regedit gives same error.. Only way to avoid is to "take ownership" Regards
  4. Hi, I just installed Win 7 64-bit this morning.. I started to browse in IE, and google saved my searches in the bar.. so I could see what I seeked before.. Since I installed CClenaer, this has stopped.. Google cookies are saved and all settings in IE8 are not to clean anything but cookies, The searches I made before CClenaer are still there, but those tried after.. are not saved. Maybe some registry settings have been deleted by CC? Can you help with having Google save my "searches" again? Google search settings are "fine" too, they are set to only show mines Regards
  5. It seems also that the same rigistry deleted once are again there at nex PC reboot.. I am afraid that CCleaner seems not to be able to delete or restore in regedit.. Regards
  6. No reg files are created after all was reinstalled.. It could be issue with "win 7 admin rights" but I am admin.. logged in as XXXXX/admin I did not try in safe mode or by "taking ownership"... I have 4 of them and none can be restored Regards cc_20100406_091347___Copy.txt
  7. Hi, when I try to restore the registry backup i got the error show in screenshot http://peecee.dk/upload/view/236648 The PC has been reformatted and Win 7 64-bit is on I am the admin of the PC Regards
  8. Another version same issue.. Are you really looking into this+ I am NDA for Skype, we have tools that can get logs for everything Skype does when testing.. Do you have such tools too? Is there any other in this forum experiencing that when CCleaner "cleans", and you try to download a software, then you cannot and PC needs a reboot to be able to download a software again? Regards
  9. New version same issue... @ikidd, ""For some reason my 1st reply didn't get posted. I was having the same issue and was able to narrow it down to CCleaner trying to clean flash cookies. I de-selected Adobe Flash Player in the programs tab and everything is working like it should. If you want/need to delete flash cookies have a look here and it will show you how to do from the Adobe website."" I did try it too, did not help.. Regards
  10. Even with "temporary files" unchecked.. http://peecee.dk/upload/view/225160 Pain in the b** Regards
  11. .. it seems so. I have same issue on 2 pcs, 1 with Win7 32 and 1 with Win7 64 bit.. regards
  12. ..are there any news abouth this issue? Is there a person from dev staff, that can spend 2 minutes to post here? Regards
  13. Unchecking Java did not help.. It's not only downloading a software but also opening a Pdf file from the internet. Only rebooting PC helps... Is it really possible that this has not been fixed yet. It has been there since Win 7 and IE8 came out. Regards
  14. What do you mean, "goes away"? By the way, I same same issue on 2 pC running Win 7 32 and 64 bit
  15. Lst version same error. After running CC cannot start download and need to reboot PC regards
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