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  1. Do you guys use the paid version of Registry Mechanic?
  2. Hi guys. Firstly I'd like to say thank you to the team for making such great products. I've been using all three for a while and they've been extremely useful. My question is about full defrags of my drives. I've been following Defraggler for ages (since it was in early Beta) and it's been a great program. I know it was designed to help defrag individual files and so I was under the impression that the full defrag was not as good as other programs. So I wanted to ask if, for a full defrag, it's better (more advisable, quicker etc) to use inbuilt windows defrag or Defraggler. Thanks!
  3. Currently using McAfee, but i'm changing when my subscription runs out. Probaly to Avast! but I might look into AntiVir as soo many people seem to be using it.
  4. it's a very nice browser, but until it gets more options and addons, i can't see myself leaving firefox....
  5. ok. thanks for the info!
  6. is it possible to make this work when defraggler is not in the defaul install location? I really like having it run from my memory stick!
  7. If you only analyzed then you're ok, as it won't have deleted anything. As for saving things, you need to put the folders you want to keep in your 'Exclude' list under options. Hope that helped.
  8. try 7-zip . Might work, it has it's own zip type.
  9. how do you change it? I can't find the options anywhere :s Edit: Opps forget that, found it now. And I think I prefer the CCleaner style. I like the blue!
  10. Thanks for the advice, I might try that.
  11. So i've been looking into using a new theme on my machine, and got found my way to the "Uxtheme Multi-patcher 6.0". However, when I run this, I get a error about "c/windows/i386". Now I found that for it to work, i have to delete this folder, but I don't have an XP CD so I'm not sure if it would be a good idea. Anyone know of any options I've got so I can get the pather working? Thanks.
  12. I'm using the most up-to-date version, 1.01.073 (BETA), downloaded from the Defraggler site.
  13. So I just had a quick defrag of my largely fragmented files (Thanks Defraggler for making it possible!!) but it seems to have written some files into the Reserved MFT space. I can't see this as correct as sure it should be reserved. Got a pic to show, look at the green blocks and where they are in the MFT space. Don't think i have a debug log, fraid I'm not using debug mode currently. I'll turn it on and see if i can catch it in the action again.
  14. It's in all the other products, my guess would be it will be put in for the release.
  15. I'm using McAfee Security Centre. When the subscription runs out, i'm probably switching to the free Avast!
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