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  1. Looks to me like the systems meet the requirements from the page Hazelnut gave, and she knows her stuff! alexsts The auto works manually by starting from the RUN dialog box and using "C:\Program Files\CCleaner\CCleaner.exe /AUTO". But if you are just starting it normally by clicking on an icon then the "/AUTO" would not take affect. I'm a bit stumped and hopefully someone else will come along to make a suggestion. I would see if turning off the Anti-malware/virus programs makes a difference, of course only after you are sure your system is clean. Also did you download the progra
  2. Welcome to the forums. It sounds to me like the "Close program after cleaning" and/or "Minimize to System Tray" might be checked. Have you looked in the system tray (actually the Notification Area) to see if the CCleaner icon is there? You might check the INI file in the Program Files (x86) / CCleaner folder. If those two entries are checked in the program, they will have the following two entries. AutoClose=1 MinimizeSystemTray=1 You can remove them and try to open the program again. Then to check the options you can look in the Advanced section to see where they would be che
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