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  1. Yes, I got it directly from Piriform web site, latest version. Those are 2 brand new servers and Ccleaner never run on either one. I did shut down all AV soft and disconnected server from network, just in case. No changes in Ccleaner behavior. I removed installation via uninstall -> restarted server and manually cleaned registry from any and all remains of Ccleaner first install - just in case. Re-booted and install again. No changes! Could it be some kind of compatibility issue with 64 bit OS? But then again, same behavior apply for 32 bit 2003 server...
  2. None of those conditions apply. 1. I do not have ini file in ccleaners folder at all.Only 2 files and 1 folder there: ccleaner.exe and uninst.exe, folder lang I install it with default settings so basically how it could get into auto mode? By the way, I install it on 2003 standard edition server with SP2 - same result. See screen shot how it is look in windows explorer. Are you sure that ccleaner can run on servers?
  3. Hi, I am not sure if this is a bug or not. I am user of Ccleaner for some times by now and was surprise to see odd behavior like that. OS windows standard 2008 R2 edition. Installation went without any hiccups. Default settings. As soon as I run Ccleaner got following. Program starts and shuts down almost at the same moment. At best I have 10 seconds to click on any navigation choices. Any ideas how to fix this. Thanks
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