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  1. Thanks for your reply. But I noticed this during the week, but forgot to update people on here. It's a temp fix, but does the job. I think it's perhaps to do with an Index link but not sure exactly. Anyways all is fine now.
  2. Looked into this again further, it looks like its to do with the 'Use Windows search for better results'. Disabling this option, hides all previous addresses visitied, but re-enabling it then unhides all details. Any idea what this is for, and how to stop using it. The feeds is set to disabled.
  3. Dennis under the address bar browsing history autocomplete, I had it set to enabled. Disabling that section, no longer shows anything in the address bar, only the favourites now. But re-enabling it, even after running CCleaner the list re-populates. So it would show that the issue is with 'Browsing History'. I can leave it disabled and it won't show anything, but defeats the option really has I thought CCleaner clears it down.
  4. Suggested sites is turned off. I have a very lite install of Win7, I am an IT graduate, and don't want much crap with it lol. In the Address Bar there is a little drop down arrow. Clicking that shows a section called History. Under this section are a few sites, which I have visited over a week ago and are not in my Favourites at all. Also I have ran CCleaner about 10 times, and they are still showing in the Address Bar but not the actual History (near the Favourites tab) tab. In the Address Bar, there is an X against each listing to remove the entry and it then disappears and does
  5. Thanks for replying, but I have my setup already like that, have everything selected except the 'Wipe Free Space' In advanced have tried both disabled & enabled on the ?Only delete files in Windows Temp folders older than 48 hours? but to no avail. What I have noticed is in the statistics at the end of the clean, it says index.dat 0KB x files, the last 1 said 0KB, 7 files.
  6. Apologies if in the wrong section, but I am new here. Only noticed this issue today, not sure how long it might have been like this though, but upgraded to the latest version today but doesn't seem to have fixed it, but when running previously all has been fine. I have everything set in CCleaner except the 'Wipe Free Space' option. When running the CCleaner program, the Internet cache shows details that it has cleaned stuff down. As usual, I have restarted the computer straight after. However, when loading the internet back up, the history tab is empty but the Address Bar in IE
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