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  1. CCleaner is FREE. You can donate, but that has NOTHING to do with the downloads. http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/faq/general/can-i-donate-to-piriform There are many sites that offer the free downloads such as the links from this site, the ones that lead to Filehippo.com, and MajorGeeks.com are a few to try.
  2. Do you have the "Index.dat" checked? If not try that one. Also ?Only delete files in Windows Temp folders older than 48 hours? box in the "Advanced" section under "Options". You can see my settings from the link directly below. https://www.viclovan.com/downloads-and-links/ccleaner-2-settings#OptionsAdvanced
  3. Looks to me like the systems meet the requirements from the page Hazelnut gave, and she knows her stuff! alexsts The auto works manually by starting from the RUN dialog box and using "C:\Program Files\CCleaner\CCleaner.exe /AUTO". But if you are just starting it normally by clicking on an icon then the "/AUTO" would not take affect. I'm a bit stumped and hopefully someone else will come along to make a suggestion. I would see if turning off the Anti-malware/virus programs makes a difference, of course only after you are sure your system is clean. Also did you download the progra
  4. Welcome to the forums. It sounds to me like the "Close program after cleaning" and/or "Minimize to System Tray" might be checked. Have you looked in the system tray (actually the Notification Area) to see if the CCleaner icon is there? You might check the INI file in the Program Files (x86) / CCleaner folder. If those two entries are checked in the program, they will have the following two entries. AutoClose=1 MinimizeSystemTray=1 You can remove them and try to open the program again. Then to check the options you can look in the Advanced section to see where they would be che
  5. Welcome to the forums! Have you deselected the various Office check boxes in the Applications tab? That would be the first place to look. Remember that you do not have to use the default set of cleaning options, they are only a good guideline for you. I don't use the default settings myself and I know a LOT of the others here on the forums don't use that set either. If you look around here you will find some very advanced users that have extensive configurations. The link below will show you my settings, but more importantly, it will show you what to look for on your own. https://
  6. I have to throw in my two bits on this one as well. If this is a new HP, the Cyberlink is also probably the burning program that came with the computer. It has turned into a full suite having to do with your optical drive, similar to Nero in that regard. I'm not saying I like it, I'm just saying that keeping it won't hurt anything. From what I have seen so far, it is not too bad. I should mention, I am a tech and work on client machines that have this, and one of the computers I own is an HP with this on it. I personally tend to use ImgBurn or CDBurnerXP Pro, but I have used the Cyber
  7. Many people have looked at your post, and nobody has a reply. I believe the reason is that nobody can understand. If you post in your native language, maybe someone will translate. I will take a guess that you are trying to save specific cookies. Take a look at the links below. http://docs.piriform.com/ccleaner/ccleaner-settings/choosing-which-cookies-to-keep https://www.viclovan.com/downloads-and-links/ccleaner-2-settings/save-specific-cookies-when-using-ccleaner
  8. If you are correct, the passwords not being cleaned in Firefox would seem to be a bug to me if the forms box is checked. As far as the passwords and forms being separate in Chrome, I cannot attest to, but in CCleaner, according to the documentation I linked to before, they will both be cleared. So for now, until CCleaner has separate check boxes for forms and passwords, leave them unchecked for cleaning and clear your forms info in Chrome itself. I for one do not take the chance of loosing my passwords in Firefox by not having the forms cleaned. I even use the password exporter extens
  9. Passwords are saved forms. I doubt there is a way to separate passwords from other random form info you have saved, in any browser. You need to deselect this in the options under the Applications tab. However, it might be good for the writers of CCleaner to change the wording to say "Passwords and Saved Forms" to avoid this problem others, especially new users of CCleaner. It is too bad you had to find out the hard way. I posted a link below that gives a detailed description in the docs section. You may want to go through the rest of the docs to see what other options you may want. I po
  10. Thanks for that explanation ident. It was my suspicion that was the way it worked, and now you've cleared that up for me.
  11. Just to check, did you reboot after running CCleaner, if not, I would. If you run without the Wipe Free Space like Aethec said, and still have the problem, try using, with extreme caution, Unlocker. Unlocker is a great tool, but can be used to delete system files too, and that could cause your system to become unusable. If you have other people who use your computer, during the install you can choose NOT to have Unlocker show up in the system notification area (tray) or in the context menu. That way you would be less likely that someone else might accidentally misuse it. I'm putting mu
  12. Wow, I just re-read your post and interpreted a different way after writing the post below. I am leaving what I posted below just because it may be useful in the future. I just realized that you seem to be having trouble with the download. Try this link to MajorGeeks.com http://www.majorgeeks.com/CCleaner_Slim_No...lish_d4191.html for your download. Please post back on your results either way. ================ Welcome to the forums. I'm sure the software writers and providers appreciate the donation. CCleaner is freeware so I hope you did not "buy" it. When you did your "scan" w
  13. I agree with Nergal and want to say that running an XP system with 256MB of RAM is just cruel. RAM is cheap and you should have 1GB of RAM to really have a usable experience with SP3. By the time SP2 came out 512 was about right and now with SP3 - and all the normal programs and security software - have bloated to the point that you will need a bunch more RAM. That and a new hard drive are in order judging by the speed of your chip, your system is about 5yrs old and that hard drive is on borrowed time before it dies. I'm hoping you are already using an external hard drive for backups. If
  14. I must have missed the first email response to this thread, and am going through a pain in the neck server and workstation upgrade in one of the offices I look after, so I am sorry for not getting back. This one "feels" like a settings issue of some sort. I double checked to see if I could duplicate your issue on one the of the computers I just happen to have around due to the upgrade, and CCleaner performed exactly like it should. I picked some cookies to keep and after the cleaning they were still there. I will tell you that the computer I tested on is a 32-Bit (32-Bit -I know, I know
  15. Welcome to the forums! You will find this is a pretty friendly place, we do have our opinions, but for the most part we all get along pretty well and if one of us can not find an answer for you, someone else probably will. I have a couple of questions, first did you reinstall CCleaner after the OS upgrade? Did you do a "Clean Install" where you wipe out the contents of your hard drive and then install Windows and then your programs? If you just did an "In Place" upgrade, where Vista is already running and you just put in the disc and let it do the upgrade and all of your programs are st
  16. Welcome to the forum. I would be interested to see what options he had checked, especially on the Windows tab. It sounds to me like he may have deleted some little bits of malware, and now kinda like removing the rust from a '72 Vega, the thing is falling apart because the rust was holding it together. Have you done the usual malware scans and checked to see if the system was up to date? Have you run a check disk? Have you run sfc? And most important, have you backed up your data and settings!? Let us know what you find. This is a very helpful forum, so even if these suggestions
  17. Apologies to bludenture, suggestion for fireyone, and response to ident. Apologies to bludenture, Normally this is a VERY friendly board and rarely I, nor anyone else, has to defend statements or suggestions, for the most part we are all on the same page, and there is not much bickering on this board. I apologize for that in advance for what is below, and for not paying more attention to your infection. I probably did not have enough caffeine when I first posted. Here are the removal instructions from Symantec.- http://www.symantec.com/business/security_...-99&tabid=3 - who make th
  18. I would try the "Window Size/Location Cache" under Advanced to see it they come back.
  19. Welcome to the boards bludenture! Fireryone is on the right track about your startup stuff, you have, or have had, an infection. You can open "Tools" in CCleaner and then click the "Start Up" button to see a list of items that start when Windows starts. From there remove the two items you have listed above. After that you will want to check a couple, if not more, good anti-malware scanners. There are a few good free scanners such as Malware bytes free, the Spyware Doctor that comes free with the Google Pack Updater, and SuperAntiSpyware. For the best proactive antispyware you should g
  20. I haven't used Outlook 2003 for a while but, I logged into a machine with it and think you might want to look at your options for "Empty the Deleted Items folder upon exiting", "AutoArchive", and "Run AutoArchive every ..." to see if you have something that is supposed to run after you close Outlook.
  21. dplneural, first welcome to the formus (should have said that before)! Don't sweat the small stuff here. This is a very friendly forum and what you are experiencing here is a pretty passionate group. I am sure the folks who do the design and code will take your suggestions to heart. For all I know the far in the future version 3.0 may just have links with no buttons, tabs, or any sort of 3D looking interface. It is like I always say, "you can stick ten geeks in a room, and get ten different opinions about the same thing." Of course the other nine, beside mine will be wrong. Again
  22. TGeorge Yes it is normal that you have to run the registry tool several runs, I usually see three times (I am a tech and have run this thousands of times), but sometimes it can be more or less. What I've figured out is that once you remove some entries, those are linked to others that then become un-needed. You don't have to remove everything it finds, you should be able to look at the entries and find just the ones you want to get rid of. The main thing is, do the backups and you should be just fine. Now on to the bigger issue in my mind, McAfee. This is simply terrible protect
  23. I do not want this to be a personal attack on the person who wrote the post in question, I am sure he is a fine person with the best of intentions, but I am a bit confused about someone who works on what seems to be such a large site, but does not know, 1. how to replace a cd/dvd drive - even if it is a laptop or at least use an external drive 2. how to boot to the recovery partition if it exists and 3. seems to express dismay about connecting with an Ethernet cable. Perhaps this post was written with the intent of a target audience of novices, however, the rest of the site does not seem to b
  24. I have a feeling that the download process has been misunderstood in this case. It sounds to me like you are using Firefox and are seeing the "Downloads" box and the "scanning for viruses" when it is done downloading. If so open Firefox, go to "Tools" at the top of the window and then click on "Downloads". Once the "Downloads" window is open RIGHT click on the CCleaner download and choose "Open Containing Folder". Even if that folder is the desktop you should see your download for CCleaner there. If it is, just run the installer. Whatever folder that is you might want to make note of it
  25. I believe this is the way it is supposed to look. It has been this way from the beginning of version 2.0.
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