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  1. Yep, left click and it copies.


    I used the fourth one down, called "IMG code". But I seem to remember that Hazelnut said something about some of those options making the forum load more slowly for members with a slow connection. I would only use that option for a very small picture.




    Good thinking to only use it for small images.


    Thumbnails are a better choice for large images.


    Funny message login123. I hope your not speaking from experience. :o


    Thanks again.

  2. Could it possibly be something to do with the settings and entries in the registry?


    You could try saving the settings to INI file.

    Options > Advanced > Save all settings to INI file.


    Did you run the Cleaner with the box cleared for "Only delete files in Windows Temp folders older than 24 hours"?


    If it's a file that's difficult to delete while explorer is running, you could try TFC - Temp File Cleaner by OldTimer.

  3. In the Beginning, Three were Created...


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    The teaser looks really good, here it is on YouTube.


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    The official site for Jinn.

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  4. I also have those Netflix address's to exclude. As mentioned above, the login page (www.netflix.com/login) never appears on the list so I cant move it to the "allow" side.

    It doesn't show up for me as well. What makes you think there should be a cookie (www.netflix.com/login)?


    With the two saved cookies I have, the site remembers me and I'm automatically signed in to Netflix.


    What browser are you using?

  5. I constantly have to log into Netflix.(user name/password) CCleaner always deletes the cookies.

    Although I have excluded the cookies from Netflix.com for CCleaner, the log in page for Netflix (netflix.com/login) never appears in the exclusion list.


    I can't find a way to add this address manually.


    Are you using Options > Exclude to keep the cookies?


    If so, login at Netflix then close your browser. In CCleaner go to Options > Cookies and move the cookies from delete to keep using the ->.


    Have a look at this link for more details.


    I have two cookies from Netflix, "netflix.com" and "www.netflix.com" both non flash cookies.

  6. Just a follow-on question:


    After changing the advanced option to save the settings in an ini file and the ini file has been created, can you uncheck that option and go back to CCleaner using the registry for "normal" operation without causing a problem?


    Clearing the box will save the settings in the registry, then delete the ini file in the CCleaner folder without causing a problem.

    I periodically backup an updated ini file to another media for safe keeping.

    Saving the settings to an ini file essentially makes the program portable.

    Both are really considered "normal" operation. It's a matter of personal preference.

  7. i never had the problem when i used XP

    i only noticed it when i moved to vista 64bit in 07, so stopped using CC then

    thought i`d see what it was like with win 7 64bit, but still does it


    yes IE wasnt open


    When I tested Vista 32-bit, the cookies are still there.


    I had thought 64-bit may be what the problem is, but I haven't read any posts from other users to support it.

  8. i know they are, but its not the flash cookies im bothered about its all the other ones that get deleted

    i have read the link.

    its this that doesnt work


    Option 1: To keep all cookies on your PC


    In CCleaner, click the Cleaner icon at left.

    On the Windows tab, under Internet Explorer, clear the Cookies check box.

    If you have no other Web browsers installed, you have finished. If not, click the Applications tab.

    Under each browser listed, clear the Cookies check box.

    From this point on, whenever you run the Cleaner, it will retain all cookies from these browsers.


    thats is not working for me, its still deleting them

    I just tested XP by clearing the Cookies check box for IE.

    Ran the cleaner and my cookies are still there.

    I will run the same test on Vista later and post my results.

    I'm sure there's an explanation for what's happening on your system.

    Let us help you figure it out.


    I was unaware about what Nergal posted.

    also sometimes, if you have protected mode on, delete "index.dat files" will do this (not sure if it still does it in the current version, I've long since stopped using the ie section of ccleaner except for cache and cookies)


    One more thought for now. Are you closing Internet Explorer before running the cleaner?

  9. i just dont want it to delete IE cookies, not bothered about anything else

    it was doing what i have outlined in my other posts years ago(vista 64bit) , so i stopped using CC

    i had hoped they would have fixed it by now, but it would seem not


    Flash cookies are also used in IE. If you clear the box for "Adobe Flash Player", I think you'll find what your looking for.

    Before you give up on the best cleaner out there, click on the link below and take the time to read about the programs features.

  10. Dennis, this looks like a nice app to keep it simple when using Erunt.


    Does it seem to have a way around UAC for Vista+, or is Task Scheduler still the choice to run Erunt on startup to avoid the UAC popup?

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