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  1. Thanks Hazel, I've added this to my list of search engines.


    That's one clever duck, or in other words a wise quacker. :)


    A few facts about the founder.


    I also like the starting page, thanks to you as well Corona.

  2. Jamin4u, on 29 May 2011 - 06:57 PM, said:

    CCleaner should be cleaning it. Are you closing IE before you run Auto/Shutdown?


    yes i am.

    wow. just got the notice of your reply. 2 day!


    Do you want anymore help with CCleaner on your Vista system?

  3. I think MSE is really meant for 64bit systems. I mean systems with 6 to 8 gigs of ram, they could almost, almost, almost handle Norton or AVG! ;)

    XP 64bit, I bet MSE would work well in that.


    That's funny Corona. :lol:


    I believe MSE is available for Windows XP (32-bit only).


    Vista and Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit).


    It seems that XP is being left behind more and more.

  4. Thanks for the replies all. I haven't heard from anyone running MSE on XP so I've been hesitant to try it.


    Andavari, do you use Antivir 10 and if so does it still start a full system scan if realtime finds a virus?


    I'm a fan of version 9 and I'm willing to try 10 on my XP box if I can get some positive feedback here.

  5. spot on sir. went back to ie8 and default was set. but i thought that was covered in ccleaner. oh well.


    next time i resurect this thread i'll be more explicit.


    ty all, and ty mod.


    CCleaner should be cleaning it. Are you closing IE before you run Auto/Shutdown?

  6. That looks like "Browsing history". What do you have enabled in IE?


    Tools > Internet Options > Content > AutoComplete/Settings. Make your changes then click OK.


    I have address bar and favorites enabled.


    I think what happened is when you went to IE9 this section was reset to default.


    Close IE before you run CCleaner.


    Last resort use the built in tool in IE. Tools > Internet Options > General > Browsing history/Delete. Select "Preserve Favorites Website Data" and "History" then click Delete.

  7. so this is teaching me a lesson? i get it. won't bother you all again. sorry.


    Hi olddog,


    This topic may help you.


    Have a look at the screen shot. Is that what your seeing?


    I have IE9 as well, but it doesn't list suggestion history for me like IE8.

  8. I appreciate your advice very much. I have downloaded the latest slim version to both computers. I haven't installed it yet, but I'm glad to know I can install it over the top and preserve my settings.


    Thank you.


    Sincerely, Libra


    Your welcome Libra,


    You may want to read about "Save all settings to INI file" in the documentation. Besides what it states, I keep a copy of the INI file for safe keeping.

  9. In CCleaner, check the box for Autocomplete Form History: Cleaner > Windows > Internet Explorer > Autocomplete Form History.


    Note: Close browser(s) before running CCleaner.


    If you want to turn it off in IE, clear the box for Forms: Tools > Internet Options > Content > AutoComplete/Settings > Forms, then click OK.

  10. I think I read that a new version of CCleaner was developed to work with Windows 7 SP1 (64 bit). Since I don't use the registry cleaner in CCleaner, would it be alright to continue using version 3.02.1343 or would I have problems because of SP1?


    Thank you.


    Sincerely, Libra


    CCleaner 3.04.1389- Added support for Windows 7 SP1.


    I'm not sure if you'll run into any problems using an older version.


    I always update to the latest version of CCleaner for support of the latest software and bug fixes..


    Most here on the forum would recommend that you update to the latest version.


    You can install it over the top of the old version and keep your settings.


    CCleaner's latest version can be downloaded here or here.

  11. like i said, put a countdown timer, or notice on the "builds" page... loads less posts/questions about WHERE and WHY its MIA, might get a few WHY THE WAIT questions...but thats gotta be LOADS better then after each release getting forum spammed asking where it went, why it isnt there, and is it gone, is it coming back, yada yada yada...


    you get the picture eh?


    No need to be rude eh!


    I read your previous post and thought it was a good suggestion. Just like the poster before you who made a similar suggestion. Which kind of proves my point, sometimes people (including myself) just don't take the time to read and think for themselves. Why should you when you can just jump on the Internet and ask for the answer.


    I don't understand what the big deal is anyway.


    I'd like Piriform to just offer one or the other.

  12. Hi TomZ, and welcome to the forum.


    Clear the box for "Other Explorer MRU's".


    Cleaner > Windows > Windows Explorer > Other Explorer MRU's.


    Here's a link regarding MRU's in the documentation.

  13. Thanks but,you can not find a file extension to a file that ccleaner concludes to not be there.


    That's not true because I've had the same situation with many portable applications. Unless the following is pure coincidence.


    CCleaner reported them as an unused file extension, even though it was actually the end of the program version.


    All of the following portable applications are still on my box.


    1) Audacity v1.2.6 found by *.6 with Everything.




    2) WhyReboot v1.0.1.537 found by *.537 with Everything.




    3) Everything v1.2.1.371 found by *.371 with Everything.



  14. It may be part of a version number of a program.


    You could try a program that kroozer recommended to me by the name of Everything.


    Search for *.1


    It's possible you'll find the program that's responsible.


    My guess is that it's a portable application.


    BTW kroozer thanks again for this program. It's fast and it finds "Everything".

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