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  1. I have the same problem. Do you have fixed pagefile? (mine is custom size at 800 Mb)
  2. I'm not so sure. If I defrag again, it'll take another 30 minutes. Besides, I'm not the only one, check out this thread.
  3. It takes a long time (half an hour) for defraggler (Beta) to defrag the free space in my computer. ps: half an hour is quite a long time for defragging my drive. I'm not sure what's different about defragler or my drive.
  4. I got this old bookmark for an online file conversion site. Convert everything! Perhaps it'll be useful. Zamzar.com Only free for up to 100MB though.
  5. Jazzyguy


    For sticky notes I use this one. Hott Notes
  6. What! You still want more. What are you using this data for? Currently just browsing the internet. Speedfan core temperature CPU 48?C, GPU 61?C, HDD 36?C Case ambient temperature CPU 36?C, GPU 38?C, HDD 32?C Outside temp 25?C. Perhaps comp needs a little cleaning, but this is the tropic, what do you expect.
  7. Currently I use Powerlogic Atrix 5000. This case is filtered all over, toolless and quite clean, but dust bunnies still gather after about 2 years (cpu especially). It has 3 ambient temperature sensors. Overall a very good case, but it's quite noisy. Second contender is the Cooler Master Centurion 5. No temperature sensors, also filtered, toolless and noise level I don't know. So if anyone use this case, is it noisy or not? Anybody use liquid cooling GPU and CPU (not just CPU)? Maybe I'll use this if it's maintenance free. Liquid cooling is dust free right?
  8. I do, version It don't even make a dent. Just as fast as the standard version.
  9. Let see, according to my pc case (ambient) CPU 37?C, GPU 38?C, HDD 31?C Outside temp 25?C
  10. Yup, I definitely have the same problem like you. CCleaner does have the capability to clean some custom folder. But of course it won't be the same. You should edit the thread title, make things more clearer to other members. Or go to suggestion thread, and suggest this.
  11. Jazzyguy

    Stress Test

    You know, when I squint, I see two identical dolphins. This isn't a stress test, this is an eye test.
  12. I own 3 antiviruses: 1. NOD32, valid for a year update. 2. PCMAV, a local antivirus, you can combine it with ClamAV. 3. PCTools Threatfire free version (not exactly an antivirus). I currently install the Threatfire only.
  13. Well, in total I got 33 extensions, not all of them are active of course. I'm going to list the important ones: Alexa Sparky If you want to see the current rank (and trend) of the website you're visiting. Currently piriform ranks #38724 and steady. All in One Gesture Customize mouse gestures, rocker navigations, scroll wheel, and page scrolling. Answers Alt-Click any word for definition or quick info. DownloadHelper One of the most important for me. Download video, stream of any kind, images, from many sites. Very useful, and easy to use. Flat Bookmark Editing This on
  14. Jazzyguy

    Stress Test

    Ape-ing people around, eh? Damn you, Humpty! You maniac! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell
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