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  1. which process does use 100% of cpu? Zonealarm?
  2. That option doesn't work correctly on my computer! If that option is checked, it doesn't delete any temporary files, so there are still temporary files which are two weeks or four weeks old... If it's unchecked, it deletes all files. That's ok!
  3. Options -> Advanced ... "only delete files in windows temp folders older than 48 hours " is wrong translated into german! The word "only" is missing, so the german sentence makes no sense at the moment. Please add the word "nur" in german translation The sentence should be in german: "Dateien aus dem Windows Temp Ordner nur l?schen, wenn sie ?lter als 48 Stunden sind."
  4. Removing entries of programs with MSI-installer still doesn't work. I think that should be fixed because developers are using more and more MSI installers ... and these installers make often trouble (not only on my computer!).
  5. "Fixed bug in Uninstaller tool." Does this fix the problem that sometimes the uninstaller tool says "cannot delete MSI installer" if trying to delete an entry?
  6. Yes, I know that it is a safety measure "I know what I'm doing and want to save as much time as possible when using the program."
  7. I used the registry issue scanner. After scanning is complete, I click on "Fix selected issues" and in dialog on "Fix all seelected issues". Then a new message asking me "Are you sure you want to fix all selected issues" appears. How can I disable that message? I know what I'm doing and want to save as much time as possible when using the program.
  8. ccleaner is not the safest product... sometimes it makes trouble and applications don't work anymore after cleaning registry (e.g. ms office). But I've never seen that it deletes applications... strange.
  9. you are right. Such a simple button would be very helpful!
  10. "Download coming soon..." Soon is relative... today, tomorrow or in a week?
  11. Ohh sorry I just found out why I thought it doesn't work: - I checked option "Recent Documents" and clicked on "Analyse" After that, it showed: ANALYSIS COMPLETE - (0,029 secs) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 0 bytes to be removed. (Approximate size) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Because of the "0 bytes to be removed." I thought all the time, that it couldn't find anything! But now, I clicked on "Run cleaner" and it deleted the files! That "0 bytes to be removed." is very confusing... Users like me think that it didn't find anything to clear.... there should be a better message!
  12. Strange... I have windows xp sp2 on three different computers.... Moreover, one of them has a a fresh installation of win xp. But these options are working on none of them And it could only be a problem of ccleaner.. because all other things on my computer run fine. Furthermore, other cleaners found these entries... only ccleaner makes trouble. Or do I need another cleaner to get ccleaner working?
  13. What about cleaning of "menu order cache", "recent documents" and so on... will this be working again? (see here http://forum.ccleaner.com/index.php?showtopic=4592 ) And will this be fixed? "slow deleting of entries in listbox under "issues" http://forum.ccleaner.com/index.php?showtopic=4593
  14. Are developers informed of this? I hope this small, but annoying bug will be fixed soon
  15. ok, so why not adding a feature in ccleaner under Tools -> Repair , e.g. "repair automatic updates". this would be a nice feature if people have trouble with automatic updates! This feature could delete the SoftwareDistribution folder or anything like that. What do you think of that?
  16. Ok ... what about that ccleaner *only* deletes files in that download folder which are older than a month ? I think that makes no trouble.
  17. That download-folder contained over 70 Mbytes... why not deleting it?
  18. On my computer, I detected many uninstall-folders for windows patches under c:\windows\softwaredistribution\download But I was too fast and deleted them manually.... So my question: Does ccleaner find and delete such uninstall-folders ?
  19. thanks! I wasn't aware of these two methods. Did the programmer of ccleaner read this thread? Will this be implemented in ccleaner ?
  20. and it also doesn't find chkdsk files !!! see this screenshot. Although there are some files under c:\found.000, ccleaner doesn't find them If such a function is implemented, it should work!
  21. If there are many problems found under "issues", the list is very long. After the program fixed the problems, it clears that listbox. But the clearing-process it is very slow, because it deletes each item of the listbox after each other. As I programmed in Borland Delphi, it had this problem, too. But I solved it in that way: First hiding the listbox, then clearing it and then make it visible again. That's much faster! I hope you know what I mean.
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