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  1. jillian


    I'm a cat lover . They are such beautiful creatures and so lovable. I like dogs as long as I don't have to contend with them. I have a Siamese mix named BO who is 7 years old Bo calls me his human pet as he allows me to live with him. He doesn't like most people and I can't understand this as I have raised him from a six week old kitten. My Bokat hisses and spits at people he hs known all his life. I have never had a cat like this before , but I love him dearly and he loves me. Right now he is laying on my computer desk watching the screen as I type this post lol.
  2. Did not know where to put this as you have nothing that I can find for general questions and such. but I am just wondering why so many frequent updates ? it has really become an inconvenience for me. And I can not tell any difference from one update to the next. So , now I no longer update but twice a year. Every six months I will update ccleaner as I consider that enough for updates. Thanks for an excellent product that i would not be without.
  3. Thanks for that info Hazelnut I do tend to get kind of frustrated at times. I will try to remain calm. Glad to know it isn't my cCleaner but IE8
  4. [quote Robbie " I've also got this problem with IE8 when running CCleaner on my Vista laptop. I posted about this in the CCleaner Bug Reporting section but didn't receive a reply. To be honest, I don't think it is a CCleaner bug but something to do with the interoperability of IE8 and CCleaner on Vista. The problem wasn't there when I was running IE7. My post: http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=21753 I had no problems with Firefox though, apart from a bug that was identified and cleared up with the latest CCleaner release. This IE8 problem doesn't occur on my XP PC thoug
  5. I want to apologize . I downloaded several older versions and they all had the little window that IE Internet options has when deleting files , history , etc. I also apologize to Hazelnut. You are right. I did uncheck the Yahoo Toolbar and it did not put it on there. Yes , I have received some help here , but noticed in looking over these forums that a lot of posts don't have very many results , so maybe I should be happy with my two posters that responded. Anyway. My problem is solved. Thanks for all your help moderators.
  6. I need help with a ccleaner slim older version. Is there somewhere I can receive help ? I have not got any on these forums and I NEEED HELP PLEASE
  7. anyway on the file hippo page with all the past versions. I see no way to download another version. When I click on a version , there is no download link to come up to download it. So how do I ?
  8. Hazelnut , these versions in the link you gave are all 2.19.901 I need an earlier version.
  9. I will come again. I need an older slim version of ccleaner. Where can I get one other than at file Hippo Right now , I do not have ccleaner as I have uninstalled it. The last two versions changed it and I don't like it that way. So I am looking for an older slim version.
  10. No , I know what I did. I unchecked the Yahoo toolbar option and it put the toolbar on there anyway. I do know what I am talking about I like to have never got that toolbar off . it took over everything and made itself the default search in my address bar. I finally got rid of that virus and never want to take a chance of it getting on my computer again. Yahoo Toolbar is like a virus. BAD
  11. These are not past versions. All showing are recent ones. I want an older slim version.
  12. Can someone give me another download link besides the Filehippo? I don't use these people because they put other software on your downloads. I want the slim version without the Yahoo toolbar. it says it is an option , but even though you uncheck the toolbar thing , it puts it on there anyway. So I have learned to steer clear of Filelhippo. Don't use them at all. I use Major Geeks or Cnet downloads. No others.
  13. Something is sooooo different about cCleaner and it is definitely NOT good. When I scan , it always says it is deleting IE files. On deletion , a small window comes up and says it is deleting IE history. This is the same little window that comes up when you go into IE Internet options to delete history , temporary internet files , etc. So what do I need cCleaner for if it is only doing what I can do in Internet options? it use to not be this way. I don't like it one bit . it is not deleting my Firefox and Firefox is the browser I use. NOT IE. Please tell me where I can download an
  14. Thanks a bunch Tony. That took care of it. My problem is solved.
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