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  1. Well..Welll, Today marks the long long relationship CrapCleaner and Now CCleaner we had and I am saying adios to the program which is NOW and should be called FullofCrapCleaner...thank you for nothing avast you messed UP and screwed UPa real nice relationship!!
  2. This is terrible and not cool having this feature thrown on us! Should have been a vote or asked...for it!! Please turn it off and send out a fix for asap!! thank you G
  3. anyone else give this question a shot...a dev out there??
  4. Its really to bad you all went this direction..shame shame....looking now for a alternative program! You can say all day long you are collecting data..but its the trust factor for sure and for me its lost
  5. screen shot with arrows is what I refer to
  6. why does speccy show programs that are not installed and been uninstalled months ago...ie I dont have Outpost firewall been about a year since that was removed....webroot three months gone...ect..ect? thank you
  7. Should we the people be able to decide what cookies we want/need or do not want/need?? "Just be aware that if you clean these cookies you will see certain messages with much greater frequency than if the cookie was there. For this reason these cookies have been whitelisted by default. You can manage this in the 'Cookies to Keep' list of the Options > Cookies menu. "
  8. Vlk, only time will tell on the issue what avast and you have in mind! Honesty and transparency is what folks like...as you can see by all the comments here and at 'Wildfers' and even at your own forum users are very scared and leery of what is to become of some highly regarded software that folks have used for many many moons. I have personally seen what companies do when they buy out other software companies just to make a dime or two I will not bring up names or software Gordon
  9. what is the changes made or reversed?? that is and thank you
  10. same change log....whats up? thank you
  11. Is there a specific area to post issues or problems or kudos? thank you and nice job folks looks promising
  12. Nergal Hello, is there anyway you can possibley get my question answered MajorGeek has made a real bold statement!
  13. Lets get it all out so there is no more question if that is ok with everyone
  14. Ronnie thank you and what do you need Winapp? Log files would be cool?
  15. Is it something to do with google? and can you elaborate more?
  16. My last and final question on this matter is... will this be updated or fixed in the future to avoid such confusion?
  17. Ok thats what I thought...you da man!!
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