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  1. The fix suggested, which works in my case, is to go to CCleaner / Options / Advanced and select "Advanced Report"
  2. Yes, I have just purchased a new license for Kaspersky. Never had the problem before, using the previous version of Kaspersky. I have now done a search of this forum and found that the issue is known with a workaround. I have applied that "fix" and it now works again. Is this a Piriform issue to fix or Kaspersky?
  3. I am using the free version of CCleaner V5.44.6575 (64bit) on a Windows 10 PC. Everything has worked fine until today. I usually do a clean every week. Today when I wanted to use CCleaner, the analyzing went OK, then clicking the "Run Cleaner", the window just closes. I have tried a re-install, but this has not helped. Any clues as to why this is happening?
  4. If you read my post # 17, it might be possible to get Thunderbird back without having to resort to back up or Windows Restore. With my experience, nothing was deleted, it was just "hidden".
  5. I was lucky to have a restore point to go back to, but afterwards I found that my original profile for Thunderbird was still intact. The profile contains emails, address books and other info. I wonder if the "faulty" CCleaner update makes Thunderbird look in the wrong place for the profile? You can check where the profile is stored by going to "Help" in Thunderbird, then to "Troubleshooting Information". There you will see Profile Folder. If you click on Open Folder, you should see the location. The path, in my case, is: This PC> Local Disc (C:)> Users> xxxx> roaming> Thunderbird.Profiles xxxx is your name So if you find you have no account after the update, first check the path above. Then check the Troubleshooting information in Thunderbird to see if it points to the same place. If not, then move the profile to that location. It's just an idea, not sure if it will work, but worth a try if you have lost your Thunderbird account and don't have a backup? .
  6. Thanks for the quick fix, now works fine for me with Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird
  7. Thank you for confirming this. I hope Piriform reacts quickly to this problem.......at least pull this update from the download site until this is investigated.
  8. I am running CCleaner on a PC running Windows 10 Pro x64 Creators version. I updated today to CCleaner 5.31.6104 and ran the cleaner. Afterwards I found that Mozilla Firefox had reset, losing my homepage and Thunderbird had lost my profile, asking me to set up my email account from scratch. No emails, no address book. The only solution was to use Windows Restore, which got everything back. I tried the update to CCleaner again, but it lost my settings again, so something is not good about this update. I can't see anything in CCleaner settings that might be causing this.
  9. I am new to this forum.......is there a way to report it to the developers if it needs fixing? Do they read these messages?
  10. I am using the free version of CCleaner (V5.23.5808) with Windows 10 Pro x64. Running the cleaner still leaves 2 files of Windows Log Files. Is this normal, or can I safely remove these files somehow?
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