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  1. Same here, exactly. As soon as I downgraded to version 7, all was good. I think YoKenny is a bit too much in love with IE to admit it could possibly be the problem. ;) j/k Kenny

    There's an old baseball saying I heard once that stuck with me I calls it how I sees it!


    So if you see it different then use what you sees.

  2. Hackers poison PCs that Google "March Madness"


    Cybercriminals have begun poisoning Google search results to misdirect sports fans looking to participate in March Madness festivities, security firms say. Websense has found poisoned "search engine optimization" results mixed in with legit results for Google searches on ?March Madness schedule,? ?March Madness brackets,? and ?2009 NCAA bracket predictions.?

    And here's a tip: WinPatrol offers very powerful protection. It's a terrific free tool, popular with techies since it was created 10 years ago by Bill Pytlovany, one of the original designers of AOL and a longtime open-source practitioner. The premier version, called WinPatrol Plus, costs just $30 for a lifetime subscription, which includes all updates, and is designed for the average consumer. WinPatrol takes a snapshot of your Windows run registry, and from then on blocks and alerts you to any new executable program, such as a malicious backdoor, that tries to install itself on your hard drive.


    Search Engine Optimization

    SEO poisoning attacks growing

    Published: 2008-03-12


    Online fraudsters have continued to expand their efforts this week to inject iframe attacks into the optimized search results of major Web sites.

  3. I don't know if it needs .NET Framework or not, and I do have all versions of that installed because I'm always using or finding software that requires it.


    Microsoft did release a blocker toolkit to stop the IE8 install from Automatic Updates, etc., which I posted about here.

    Did your great grandparents run in the streets waving a red flag in front of the then newfangled thing called an automobile?

  4. A-squard = false positive crazy, I would stay away.

    I gave up on adaware years ago. You would probably get better real time protection from window defender.

    I agree.


    I use MBAM and Windows Defender updated daily from its portal.


    Close Windows Defender then go to its portal then select 32 bit and Run it then restart its display interface so that you see the wall with the green check mark on it in the Taskbar:

    http://www.microsoft.com/security/portal <== current level v1.55.293.0

  5. I'm using AntiVir 9 Premium with no effect on speed -- but I'm not using IE8. If you're also using FF3, that could be part of your problem -- at least it was for me. It was definitely a slow loader -- not 3 minutes -- but slow enough to cause me to go back to FF2. And now, I'm a happy camper once again :D.

    I'm using AntiVir 9 Premium on my XP Pro 2.8GHZ P4 system with IE8 and its just as snappy as ever.


    What other applications are the whiners running that they don't complain about?


    The XP Pro system with 768MB RAM runs WinPatrol and Windows Defender resident and Malwarebytes MBAM on demand plus I do not use a software firewall as I use Windows firewall behind a hardware firewall.

  6. I have IE8 on XP and Vista and it is discussed in topic:



    It seems that those systems that are a bit long in the tooth might have a bit of a problem with slowness of it and I am running it on my old 2.4GHZ P4 with 512MB RAM and it works fine.


    All of the systems have IE7Pro but the Vista system needs to have Show IE7Pro icon in the icon display area (*) in Preferences selected.


    The Firefox fanboys will be running around jumping up and down beating their chests uttering things like "Firefox rulz" or "IE sukz" or other juvenile words.


    There it no "Best" or "Secure" browser just people that know how to "Surf Safe" and enjoy "Safe Hex".

  7. Windows Defender is good and its the best application for monitoring the HOSTS file for modifications that the latest malware is choosing to infect.


    Close Windows Defender then go to its portal then select 32 bit and Run it then restart its display interface so that you see the wall with the green check mark on it in the Taskbar:

    http://www.microsoft.com/security/portal <== current level v1.55.276.0


    What is the HOSTS file:



    Blocking Unwanted Parasites with a Hosts File:


  8. It's not hard, just like trying to hear the sounds of a tape you have recorded over.
    With Mute selected its good to fall asleep with though if the volume is turned up.


    Helps to block out the beeping horns, partying neighbors that don't invite you to their party and construction trucks :lol:


    Like, one wipe, not secure, two wipes, more secure..etc etc. CCleaner is like a half wipe..
    I was going to insert the one that begins with "a" but I thought better of it.


    I prefer the sounds of waves gently breaking at the beach lounging in a chair with a cold beverage on a table beside me.

  9. Yes, just uncheck them. It worked for me.

    The problem with that is that index.dat files can grow to a huge size as Windows never bothers to clean them out only re-create them at reboot if missing.


    How do I know?


    I have worked with Steven Burn the author Index.dat Suite to get it working on XP when XP came out:



    I haven't tried it on Vista yet.


    Steven is the author of hpHosts file as well.

  10. I only use Defraggler to to defrag files that I frequently use.


    I never let it defrag the System Restore files as they are huge and can take a long time especially if you have System Restore set to its maximum 12% size.


    I rather use Windows defrag to defrag the whole hard drive and I only do that once per week.


    On Windows Vista that is the default and its set for Wednesdays if I remember correctly.

  11. I had a similar experience - is the flash drive a recognised and decent make? I (foolishly now I realise) bought a couple of 'cheapies' off eBay from a Chinese seller.


    Exactly the same thing happened to me with these, I would copy the (mp3) files to the drives and - one minute they were there, the next minute they weren't!!

    eBay should have Caveat emptor on its main page :lol:

  12. Is there a way to add the exclude index.dat in cookies folder into the FAQ or for the programmers to remove it from index.dats check mark?


    I mean if YoKenny got caught up, what hope is there for n00bs?

    That's why we all help here.


    By the way, I can not do the same procedure on my Vista system as I can not get the authority to Documents and Settings Folder thus presenting another challenge. :unsure:

  13. Yippee! Success!


    I added the cookies index.dat file into the Exclude area and I did not have to log back in here after a CCleaner run and a reboot.


    I'll be watching for the symptom to occur after a Power off then Power on cycle.


    Why the fancy fenaglin in IE8 beta2?

    Resurrecting this old topic as I was having a problem of having to log in again after reboot.


    IE8 cookies are in C:\Documents and Settings\{User ID}\Cookies\index.dat and needs to be excluded.

  14. I'm using it right now at this moment, and I'm actually rather disgusted with it. I'll play around in it for a very short time before removing it and returning to IE7.


    It's so damned slow for which I just can't emphasize that anti-sentiment enough. It's super slow to launch and even slow to load websites which was a major gripe of mine in IE7, and now IE8 continues the disgustingly slow tradition.


    I've also noticed some other anomalies immediately after installation and the required system restart, some programs are now taking two to three times longer to launch which isn't something I expected at all, and I surely won't accept that either.


    For IE to be called "the worlds most popular browser" is a complete utter joke. If this thing were an injured animal someone would put it out of its misery, and mine. Back to Firefox I happily go with much haste!

    I'm puzzled as even on my old XP Home system it starts and works about the same as IE7 did?


    It is only 2.4GHZ P4 with 512MB RAM

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