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Hard Drive Failure and Fedora Core 6


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Hi, I need a free partition manager or maybe not. I'm not sure. My computer reads the hard drive. After I install Fedoara Core 6, it goes through the installation but says Operating System not installed. Also, when I take the other hard drive, it says hard disk failure. It says that its 0 bytes for the hard disk in windows but it formatted it correctly. I really don't know what to do...... I'm very confused.

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Well since your using linux you could use gparted. Its a free bootable partitioner found here:



You know that linux and windows use 2 different file systems right? Windows uses ntfs or fat32(don't use this unless you just have to) and linux uses ext3 or reiserfs(I'm not a linux guy so I don't know which is better). Just make sure your formatting it with the right file system.


I'm not real clear on what your describing though. Give more information if you can.

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