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  1. I was wondering....should I be running a software firewall when I have a hardware firewall. I have been getting quite a lot of viruses/worms/spyware. Is a hardware firewall protection enough?
  2. You can't install it...You just double click kompozer.exe
  3. I don't know whats wrong with my Firefox but it won't even open at all. I tried to fix a bug and it went totally wrong. So, I decided to use Flock as my browser of choice since I haven't gotten any errors. Firefox works fine on my other computer but on this computer it don't work at all. At least I am not using Internet Explorer or a clone of it......
  4. I have noticed that fan was loud in Windows and its not in Linux. I ran defraggler in Windows and my fan isn't loud anymore! I'll keep you posted though so that you guys will know if my fan is loud anymore! This is a d*** good program.
  5. Hi I run windows xp home edition and the internet is slow. I run linux on my other hard drive and the internet is faster than snot. What should i do about it?
  6. Try this. http://www.usablelabs.com/productWinGlance.html its only $8.99
  7. Hi, I need a free partition manager or maybe not. I'm not sure. My computer reads the hard drive. After I install Fedoara Core 6, it goes through the installation but says Operating System not installed. Also, when I take the other hard drive, it says hard disk failure. It says that its 0 bytes for the hard disk in windows but it formatted it correctly. I really don't know what to do...... I'm very confused.
  8. I just want Comodo Firewall and Comodo Anti-Virus found at http://comodogroup.com on Filehippo.com(CCleaner Owns Filehippo)
  9. Hello, I know for a fact that ccleaner owns filehippo and I want Comodo Firewall and Anti-Virus(Which are both Free) on Filehippo.com
  10. I use Ashampoo Magical Defrag on this computer. XP Compatiblity thingy? Where is that at? I have 44% free space.
  11. I have comcast too and its $46 a month and thats only if you have cable. I just think that Comcast is a bit expensive. $30 would be more reasonable.
  12. I'm administrator and also I have 15 gb of space left. It says that the My Music folder can't be defragmented. I used a third party defragmenter and it seems that the computer is running faster.....
  13. What does it mean when the Windows Defragmenter can't defrag the computer? I defrag the C drive and its still defragmented.
  14. Well, I am shocked. I got IE to work..... I downloaded Download Accelerator Plus and it started to work.
  15. I deleted My System Restore Partition and also, I have the latest updates....
  16. Hello. I have Internet Explorer on Windows XP SP2 and it is slow and the screen is white. Also, the thing is that Napster and Yahoo Messenger Plugins do not work properly. Worst of all I use IE for certain things and it is really slow. Opera and Firefox work fine but IE doesn't work. Do you have any idea what may be causing this?
  17. Ah I'll just use Ad Muncher from http://admuncher.com which blocks ads in Opera, IE, and Firefox for a one time fee of $25.
  18. How do you block ads in Opera? They said that Opera 9 has a built in ad blocker but I don't see it.
  19. grabacontroller


    Do you have to buy music from the Itunes store in order for you to play music on your IPod?
  20. Firefox works fine now. Guess what the problem was? Netcraft Toolbar. Go figure. Thanks for your help everybody.
  21. Hello, I got a printer from my Dad that was used that he got for $1. I was wondering if it matters what brand of Ink you put in your Printer. In other words, can I use HP Ink or some other Brand and use it with Dell Printer. Thanks for your answers. Edit, Bad but funny Typos.
  22. I get no spyware either. I have Hardware Firewall, AVG, Ewido, Spybot, SpywareBlaster, Counter Spy, Windows Defender, Adware Personal, and Site Advisor For Firefox. I get Spyware because I have IE on my computer. I don't do nothing to get it.
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