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I see it's your intent to make it as hard as possible to actually get any support. I get it. Customer Success is expensive. 


I want a refund for Kamo. I select don't send me notifications, it continues to do so. I select a VPN to use, it fails. I can't even find a VPN now. Your product is broken, you sold me a lemon. Refund me. 

If you can't refund me, just cancel my account, along with the CCleaner. 


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You will have to contact customer support, we cannot access accounts or licences on the forum.

It's actually pretty easy to contact CCleaners' support. - There is even a blue 'contact' link in your screenshot. (Did you not see it).

As well as clicking on such 'contact' links in the messages and elsewhere -

You can raise a support ticket by using the form here: https://support.ccleaner.com/s/contact-form?language=en_US&form=general
(Select Kamo in the 'Product' field, do make a note of the ticket number that you will be given onscreen).

Alternatively you can contact CCleaner support by emailing them: support@ccleaner.com

If you have bought CCleaner Premium then you also have access to 24/7 live chat, see your Premium purchase receipt for the link.

When using the form or email you will get an automated reply email (with some suggestions for fixes to common issues), which will be followed up later by an email from a real person.
You will be in a queue and so it may take time for your ticket to reach the top of that queue and a support agent, in busy times when there are lots of requests in the queue that can take a week or more.

Please be paitent and wait for a person to reply - Don't send another request unless you need to correct something in your original.
If you do that then the automated queuing system will (automatically) consider it a correction to  your original request, so the automated system will join them together and put them back to the bottom of the queue as one new request.

*** Out of Beer Error ->->-> Recovering Memory ***

Worried about 'Tracking Files'? Worried about why some files come back after cleaning? See this link:


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