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Recovery Folders Closing Unexpectedly

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A few months ago, I used Recuva to recover files on an external HDD that had been dropped, rendering Sector 0 damaged and the whole drive useless.  I was happily surprised that Recuva was able to recover 1000s of files (though most were temp internet files, image thumbnails, etc.).  Towards the end of combing through all the hundreds of folders, as I was scrolling through the files in a particular folder, the computer suddenly froze, then closed the folder, and even closed the drive on which the folder was stored.  I have now finished searching all the folders, but I am now left with 10 folders which will not allow me access- when I open them, they freeze and close down. 


I have tried to open the folders in Safe Mode; I have tried renaming the folders; I have changed the file View type; I have tried to change permissions; I've compressed it and emailed it to myself- nothing so far has allowed me to access the files in these folders. 


Has anyone else seen something like this?  I would like to find a way to check these files to see if they are something I need to recover.  Any ideas?  Thanks.   

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It sounds like 'something' in those folders is corrupted and so whenever File Explorer tries to access them it crashes.
Just what that 'something' might be is another question, it may be just one file in each folder.

Have you tried running 'chkdsk' on the drive that has the problem folders?

There are some other things here that you might (or might not) want to try:

Another option, if you want to go to the length, is to put Linux on a USB (or install it alongside Windows as a dual-boot option) and see if Linux can access the problem folders without crashing.

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Worried about 'Tracking Files'? Worried about why some files come back after cleaning? See this link:


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Thanks, Nuke.  I will pursue your suggestions.  The oddest thing about this is the timing in the process.  I've gone through nearly 800 folders of recovered files, and I did it in a nearly random order.  It wasn't until around the 650th folder that the issue occurred.  And then there were 10 "bad" folders out of 150, randomly, right at the end, the last 2 sessions I spent auditing folders.   

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