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How to recover my files?

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Hey everyone,

I could really use some help. Today, I downloaded CCleaner based on a friend's recommendation. After installing it, a window popped up asking for permissions to clear data from my PC. Without thinking much, I clicked 'OK'. But then, to my surprise, it cleared all the login credentials from my Chrome browser and removed all the installed stylish fonts from my PC. These fonts were essential for various projects I've been working on for clients. If anyone knows how to recover them, I would be incredibly grateful for your assistance. Thank you in advance!

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Still hoping for some assistance here. It's been 13 hours since my initial post, and unfortunately, I haven't received any replies yet. I'm really in need of help recovering some lost login credentials from Chrome and essential stylish fonts on my PC. If anyone has any insights or solutions they can share, I would be extremely grateful. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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For restoring web browser data you would've needed to have already made a recent profile backup before the issue to fully restore from. You could try Piriform Recuva to see if it can restore the data.

Making regular web browser profile backup to a ZIP or other archive format (say once per week) is an important task to do. It's important in case of corruption which can on rare occasions happen during updating a browser to a new version that introduces an incompatibility with old profile versions, and in that event you'd at least be able to restore some of a profile (not necessarily all of it) such as the bookmarks.


Manual Backup To Local Disk:

Sync Backup:


As for the custom fonts listed on that website you linked to:
If the fonts weren't installed on the system per the normal way of installing fonts then you'd have to re-configure whatever it is that website does.


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I think CCleaner might permanently erase fonts.  According to me, you should check your Recycle Bin for Chrome login credentials in case they weren't permanently deleted. Look for files with ".login" or ".password" extensions.

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