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Adblocker no longer working on Youtube

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Today i have opened youtube to find the adblocker is no longer working despite ads being blocked in settings for ccbrowser and having despite having the privacy guard on strict blocking. Is there a solution this or do i have to resort to downloading another ad blocker for youtube?

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There is a constant 'cold war' between YouTube and Adblockers.

Adblockers work for a time, and then YouTube find ways around them, the Adblockers then find how to block what Youtube came up with, Youtube finds ways round those, the Adblockers then find  ------- and round and round.

It's a constant to and fro; and not  all Ads can be blocked all of the time.

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Worried about 'Tracking Files'? Worried about why some files come back after cleaning? See this link:


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