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Recuva recovers files to directory, but Windows shows it as empty


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Dear all, I have the follwing problem: I started a scan with recuva freeware in order to recover some Word documents. After a long scan, Recuva showed me a couple of files. I followed the restore instructions and saved them in a new directory. When opening the Windows explorer, it shows all empty. Retrying in Recuva, it says, that the files are there and prompts to overwrite. How can this be? All options are set to show also hidden files etc. Moreover, I am not allowed to save to a USB stick, although it has FAT32 File System. In Recuva, all docs have certain sizes, e.g. 17 KB, so they are not empty. Status "excellent", so where are they??



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Possibly something to do with Explorer in Windows not refreshing and updating the view.

Try This:
* Sign Out, and then Sign In to your Windows user account.
* If that doesn't work Restart the computer.

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