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Does this forum constitute customer support?

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Can someone help me because there seems to be no chat,no E-mail,no phone no.  Apart from premium support is this all there is.?wth!!! I can't seem to upgrade to pro plus as it asks for a password to verify but I haven't joined yet and Google password doesn't work.can someone tell me what's happening please!


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The forum is for users so the support here is generally user support - and there are some very knowlegable users here who give their time freely to help others.
We can often be a simpler way to get help than the company support, but we can't help with licence details which are personal data which we cannot access.

I am not sure just what you are trying to do?
Do you already have CCleaner Pro for Android, and are now trying to upgrade it to Pro Plus to use with other devices?
If they are other Android devices then they are already covered if they are using the same Google account.

Or have you perhaps purchased a Pro Plus licence and now want to activate it on an Android device?

If you explain a bit more I am sure we can help here.

However if you prefer the company support then you can use the form here to raise an individual support ticket:  https://support.ccleaner.com/s/contact-form?language=en_US&form=general

Please be aware that support are very busy at the moment and are taking much longer that usual to answer.
(Up to a week, or even longer).

After submitting the form you should get a ticket number and will also get an automatic email reply (check your email spam folder), if you have those then you are in the queue, so please have patience and someone will get to your request.

Please also note that as it tells you in the email opening another ticket may put you back down the queue and so further delay the response.
(That's just the way that the queueing system works).

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