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Lost my license key for ccleaner Pro

Robert Bel

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My computer was hijacked by a scammer. I was locked out so the technician I took it too had to remove every thing to get into my computer.  I lost all my  files including my ccleaner license key. I registered and purchased it almost a year ago under an old email address that I deleted and no longer works. I had to use the old email address to prove I had  already paid for it. Because they are not human I could not then tell them to mail it to my new email address. So  the computer mailed the key to the old email address I deleted. My question is does any one know the phone number for ccleaner support that will be a human and not a computer  system preprogramed.


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You can email them at support@ccleaner.com  - be aware that reports on this forum say they are currently being slow to reply.

(At the moment we are not even sure that they are receiving support requests at all, there is an ongoing server connection problem).



My computer was hijacked by a scammer.

For all that support would know you could be that scammer.
For that reason they will be reluctant to re-send the to a different email address who could be that scammer,  or could be anybody else who has your old email say from a data breach.

Your CCleaner account is linked to your email, and with the new style keys the key is not just for CCleaner anymore.
It's an 'Account Key' and the same key will also cover products that you might also purchase from other members of the GEN Digital group.

So they will at least want proof that you are the original purchaser, such as the purchase invoice details. (No doubt also no longer available, if it was the the licence key would be with it).
But a hijacker could have those details too if they had been on your machine.

In the end not sending a key to any other email address than the one used when it was purchased is for your security.


I registered and purchased it almost a year ago

Presumably then it was due for renewal anyway?
If I was you I'd just purchase a new licence key linked to your current email address.
(And make a note of it not on the same computer).

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