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Please show the cursor in the cookies section of the Options tab.

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I can't believe that I'm the only person who gets frustrated every time I use this screen. Maybe it's just a quirk of my PC setup, but in the Cookies section of the Options there's no sign that you'll be typing into one of the two input-capable areas. I hope you'll consider changing this right away, because it's such an easy (apparently overlooked) thing to do.

In my case, I've got CC nuking all cookies for all browsers on shutdown - except, of course, the ones I select in this screen. I still access this a lot, because even though I've got a good percentage of the desired cookies already on the list, I still get ones that I want to add - and some of the existing ones need to be nuked because the site has apparently changed the formatting and won't accept the ones that CC is keeping around.

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It seems fairly obvious to me.

If you have clicked on one of the two searchboxes so that you can input text then it no longer says 'Search' in it.
I'd have thought that's a clearer indication than a small cursor?
Once you do start typing then not only do you get a cursor but also a red 'x' at the end of the box (to clear it if wanted).

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