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Display issue in the Cookie Allow List dialog for 6.13.10517

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I was cruising through the health check report and looking in the Cookie Allow list section and ran into a display issue that was not showing the full dialog.  There were no buttons on the dialog box, and I could only scroll through the tiny list of frequently chosen websites.  It was completely stuck at this point and I had to force close the application and restart it to get back to the home screen.    I am attaching a screenshot of the issue. 

I am running 4k resolution on a GTX3080, if that has any bearing on the dialog drawing issue.



CC Cookie allow.png

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Okay, I think I figured it out, but there is still an issue.  The problem is I had the app at the default size when you first open it.  However, the window size is too small for that dialog. It is actually too small for most of the dialogs, but this one, in particular, is bad because the dialog it spawns is too small to show the buttons and you cannot click on anything to get out of it. 

The procedure to recreate this issue is as follows:

Open CCleaner and drag the window size down to it smallest size.  This is the default size when you first install and run CCleaner.

Run a health check

Click on Privacy (you will see the button is cutting off on the Manage allowed websites)

Click the Manage allowed websites button (It is still okay at this point as there is a scrollbar to allow you to scroll this interface inside the smaller window.)

Click Add frequently chosen websites

At this point, you have a new dialog that has no way to exit because the buttons are off the screen and you can't click them to close it.  Also, the main screen is greyed out as the new dialog has priority and must be closed before you can do anything else.


All this being said all I have to do is size the window larger at the beginning and when that dialog gets created, it will be big enough to show the buttons.  But, the interface shouldn't be allowed to shrink down too small to show buttons, nor should that be the default size.

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It is probably your resolution settings.


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This also happens at standard 1920 x 1080 Resolution on Windows 10 with the default settings. One should not need to change their display settings to interact with CCleaner. This issue is with the software, not the user's computer if it cannot function under the most common settings.

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