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Startup Location and Size of Speccy on Windows Start

Brian Allan

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What do I set to have Speccy start up in the same location and at the same size as it was when I shut down my computer?

At present it starts up at random positions on screen and at a reduced size not showing some of the temp. info on the far right.

I normally like to run Speccy in the lower right corner of my 2nd monitor.


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My Speccy reopens as I last left it, but I have had the problem with other apps. (My Malwarebytes used to be a #### for it and was often half off the screen).

It can be pretty common, and annoying, often it's only one or two apps who's windows get affected and the rest open as you want.
No one seems to know just what causes it, but it seems like the position/size parameters that Windows should save when you close an apps window get scrambled in an odd way and it can't fix it without help.
Windows sometimes just needs a shake to help it, so try the following:

Get the Speccy window to the size and position that you want then click the Maximize/restore button a few times.
(Maybe throw in a couple of minimize/restores as well for good measure?)
Then close Speccy and see if it now reopens as you want it.

Another similar option I've read is once you have the window as you want it double-click the logo at the top left (in this case the Speccy logo). The window should close, but Windows should now remember where/how you want it to open.
(With that one it seems to be that closing the window in that different way is what gives Windows a poke and does the trick).

If it's still not working then the 'FancyZones' utility in Microsoft PowerToys should do what you want by snapping/restricting Speccy's window to a custom zone.
(That's probably a good utility to have for a dual monitor setup anyway).

Or you could use a 3rd party window resizer such as: http://www.southbaypc.com/AutoSizer/


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