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Recuva error


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i have 2 TB hard drive ,anytime i try to recover file  , this screen pups up : the application recuva has quit approptly

i uninstaled and reinstaled 3 times , getting the same error.

had no problem with recovering 57 GB usb drive and could recover ,

cab aby body help me 

windows 10 Pro 64 


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Did you 'Restart' (not Shutdown) your computer between ununstalling and reinstalling?
Sometimes a Restart (not Shutdown) is needed. (So it's good practice to do one anyway).

Other than that you will need to give a few more details to give someone a chance of helping:

It will help to know if the drive had crashed, or if the files you are trying to recover were just deleted in error.

Can you say more about the 2TB drive?
Is it a HDD, an SSD, a Flash drive/Thunb drive, other?
Is there anything unusual about it or how it's formatted, how is it connected to the computer?

How long has Recuva been running before it quits?
Does it quit while scanning or while trying to recover?
Someone may also want to know just how you are using Recuva, are you using Deep Scan, what settings you have used, etc.

*** Out of Beer Error ->->-> Recovering Memory ***

Worried about 'Tracking Files'? Worried about why some files come back after cleaning? See this link:


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Hola. A mi me pasa igual. se escanea todo el 100% . Pasa a la segunda fase del escaneo y no se completa y me aparece el mismo cartel, sin dejar observar los archivos recuperados. Tengo una tarjeta SD conectado con un adaptador de tarjetas. Luego de 3hs de esperar, sale el cartel. Ya lo intenté 6 veces. Se reinicio la computadora y sigue saliendo igual.

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