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Mp4 files recovered with Recuva Pro won't play


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I have recovered some mp4 files which I deleted manually by mistake, from my micro SD card (the card was not formatted afterwards).  

I used Recuva Pro. The software found some files with "good chances" to recover, but after processing only one of 48 recovered videos would play. 

I tried various players, under Windows 10 and MacOS, only to receive non-compatibility report (also from IrfanView). 

All files' parameters were recovered properly (full name, size, time signature). 

Is there any trick to repair those videos? 

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So, it seems like you have recovered some MP4 files using Recuva but are having trouble playing them.

There could be several reasons why the recovered video file may be corrupted and not open:

  • The file was damaged before it was deleted from the memory card, and the data was lost. In this case, the data recovery software may only be able to find part of the file or some fragments, which can result in the file not opening.
  • The file was deleted more than once, resulting in data fragmentation on the memory card. In this case, when the data recovery software recovers the file, it may contain only part of the data, which can also result in the file not opening.
  • The file format may not be recognized by the program you are using to view the video. Some video viewing programs do not support all file formats, so if you cannot open the file in one program, try opening it in another.
  • The file may be corrupted due to errors during writing or reading from the memory card. In this case, the file may be recoverable, but some data may be lost or corrupted, resulting in the file not opening.

In any case, if the file does not open, try recovering it again using another data recovery program. You can also try using a different program to view the video.

Note that some users may suggest using dedicated software such as Stellar Phoenix Video Repair or MP4Fix to repair the damaged MP4 files. However, it is important to note that the files may be too corrupted to be fixed. Nevertheless, it may be worthwhile to attempt repairing the files with specialized software, particularly a free solution specifically designed for fixing corrupted MP4 files, as there is a possibility that it could recover the data. However, it is important to keep expectations realistic because the software works based on a specific set of principles.

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One such free solution is Avidemux (or Avidemux Portable from PortableApps).

Instructions (does not re-encode the file):
1. Open the MP4 with Avidemux.
2. Set 'Video Output' to: Copy
3. Set 'Audio Output' to: Copy
4. Set 'Output Format': MP4 Muxer

"If the file is recoverable" Avidemux will write a new header so that it can be played.

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