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Only 65 GB found by Recuva vs 300 GB found by Disk Drill


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Hi all,

I am trying to recouperate a bunch of pictures and videos from an old WD Mybook live duo. I bought the Disk Drill first and it found about 300 GB of data but the recuperation quality was really bad (folders of peoples faces/ folders of video frames saved as photos/etc.). I also tried the Recuva and saw that it had only found 65 GB of data, but the quality of the recuperarion process was perfect. All pictures dan clips were like they were saved by me years ago. The issue is i dont have all the 300 GB of data, but only 65. 

How can I make recuva see the entire 300 GB and recoupearate at the perfect quality it delivered on the first 65 gb? I got the Pro version too and am doing a rescan now but i dont think that was the issue, or was it?



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Recuva Pro and Free have exactly the same scanning/recovery capabilities, so you should get the same results there.

As for the difference in the GB found, doesn't that suggest to you that Recuva was showing you only what could be sucessfully recovered, whereas Disk Drill was showing you things that couldn't be fully recovered?

So just a difference in setting what each was looking for.

Changing the settings in Recuva (maybe do a deep scan) should also find the others, whether the recovery of them will be anymore sucessful is another question.

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